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This is an independent portal Directfromcenter - DFC.

All information written on the websites directfromcenter.com, spherein.org, ommiissww.com, atidzogchen.com as well as the information spoken on the Youtube channel Directfromcenter serve to ensure that One receives a call to the Heart, a call to Training in the Zero Point Field.

There is only 1 way leading from the 3D matrix.
There can be countless reasons to go out, but the way out is only 1 – through the Heart.

Information presented at DirectFromCenter.com (DFC) website is Information Intelligence. All the Information are charged with the Zero Point Field Energy and Power.

All Information published at DFC point towards the existence of the Matrix, and by doing so, open the doors to the exit out. Creators and players of the Matrix are exposed; however, DFC is primarily engaged in Information with the purpose of building a New dimension. Transformation of a human being into the OMANU Human Body Biocomputer Technology – Natural Force and Law of the Zero Point Field is described. OMANU Technology, which is in unison with all natural forces and humankind is presented. DFC Disclosure reveals that the new way of functioning is real and applicable.

DFC reveals rules and phenomena that occur during the Method One Scientific Training Procedure, how those phenomena influence the ones connected to the Procedure and individuals who only observe it.

Every user explicitly accepts using this website at their own responsibility. DFC does not accept responsibility for personal interpretation of Information, reaction on published material, eventual actions after reading texts, consequences of said actions, resulting ideas and conclusions based on read texts or individual words or sentences taken out of context. Information at DFC website is of informative character and each action that is not a decision for Method One Training Procedure, being a result of read information, is neither supported nor recommended.

DFC distances itself from nationalism and racism. DFC website does not spread nationalistic ideas or any other ideology and is not responsible for personal interpretation by the reader. Terms (Clear One, genetic cypher reconstruction, Swastika, Vril, Humanoid, half-humanoid, implantation, Deimplantation, …) taken out of context and without deeper understanding can lead to wrongful interpretation.

DFC does not attack any existing system with aggression, not even the Matrix. By establishing the Knowledge Bases, DFC exposes the true state of things and offers a possibility of correct reaction. Swastika is the Body of the Universe. Law and Principle. All Terminology and Technology connected to the Swastika and its Procedures (above-mentioned terms) are intended for Transformation and for accepting the Law and Principle which is the original Power and Knowledge. 

All Information published at DFC website lead to Transformation. The impulse for action which is not from a Method One Heart is a consequence of implantation as well as the above-mentioned states. The same goes for lack of reaction. For a correct reaction, enter the Method One Scientific Training Procedure.

We do not recommend reading DFC website to anyone emotionally unstable, who allow themselves schizophrenic states willingly or with uncontrolled interpretation of published Information. We recommend that individuals under the age of 16 read the website under parental approval.

Reading of DFC website itself enhances the absorbtion of Consciousness.

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