DFC Info Space – Interactive InForm Intelligence – Direct Access to Knowledge

DFC – Information Intelligence – breaking the 3D matrix information barrier

DirectFromCenter - DFC. Omnipresence. Scanning. Monitoring. Direct Sonar. Direct Knowledge.
DirectFromCenter - DFC. Detection. Focus. Creation. Directions From Creator.

DFC – Defence, Force, Crystalizing. Our mission arises from the Black hole and this is Direct Action. Our action is changing the direction of the civilization. Our action equals the awakened civilization. Worldwide Information Intelligence System for existential relevance.

DFC Information breaks through the existing creation. Impossibility does not exist, Impossible possibilities.
DFC is not spatially limited. You have a problem, we have a solution from the highest resolution. No false mercy. No weakness. Just existing highlights.

The truth is what you know, not what others want you to know. The Truth is always in the Moment Now!

Direct insight into the global state of affairs – Direct Knowledge of the past, present and future through the Moment Now. Insight into the direct state of affairs is Knowledge. Direct insight is Knowledge is Consciousness.

When the information is uncovered – the breakthrough occurs → Information Intelligence vs. Matrix.

Energy impact of the Zero Point Field. Capacitation for direct problem solving.
The Phi signal or Energy impact of the Zero Point is the strongest Information. It works instantly.

Information + Energy = Information Intelligence.
Information Intelligence = Global Security.

Information Intelligence Industry. DFC.

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