Mediator Method One

Domagoj Neusidl, Mediator Method One.
Black Lama of the Black Lineages, Black Field Condo-Commander.

Founder of Spherein.

Creator and implementator of Method One Scientific Training Procedure (Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology), Metafitness and OMMIISSWW + Black Dolphin Special Training (Superconscious Metamilitary Construction and High-intensity Training of Meta Humans) – the most efficient and extreme technology for building the body and mind on the planet (Zero Point Field Power).

Metamilitary instructor for individuals, organizations, governments and official government inteligence agencies and security forces.

Domagoj Neusidl disposes of Method One Technology Know-how – Phase shift of the human body into the Zero Point Field. Conducts No-contact and Contact Procedure of Transferring Knowledge and Zero Point Field State, Application of the Runic Combat System – Combat without combat – Surrender to the Heart.

The source and ideal author of Spherein's Development Projects. The one who projected OMMIISS (OMANU Metamilitary Information Intelligence Security System), Vril Phaser, OMANU Space Center, Runic Gym (Metafitness Base, Cardiopress, Electromagnetic antigravity chair for developing extra sensory and motoric functions, Antigravity weights Antigravity Spheres).

From the year 2009 the Mediator works intensively with individuals (m/f) that can accept the existence and possibility of the Zero Point Field and trains ZPF Officers (Information Conductors and OMANU projectants) for conducting Knowledge and realization of OMANU projects. In the year 2011 he built the first OMANU Human Body Biocomputer.

Domagoj Neusidl, Mediator Method One, Dzogchen and Runic Master, the One who, with his presence, enabled the Zero Point on planet Earth and is the only one who has absolute knowledge about construction, transformation and functioning of the human body as a Human Biocomputer, i.e. Body capable for life in outer space conditions.

The Runic Master who is the OMANU Zero Point Field Science and Technology, its source and the only one, the original Scientist, who constructs the body to be, to live, to function as a Quantum Biocomputer, i.e. OMANU Human Body Biocomputer. This is Science about the Body.

The original human state, the original state of the planet, is the state of the Universe which is the Zero Point. The Runic Master is the embodied Zero Point and the source of the Zero Point on planet Earth. The One who transfers and introduces the other body/bodies into the State of the Universe, the State of Knowledge.

The Mediator is speaking, representing the sovereign Technololgy of the Universe – OMANU.
Mediator Method One, has brought the Source which is the Zero Point, i.e. He Himself. In translation, he has brought the Phase Shift which is the installation of the Zero Point – the Swastika inside the Body. 1 body for all (everyone) and all (Knowledge) and all (Technology).

The Mediator, Source and Zero Point and Zero Point Field itself.

Black Body (of the Mediator Method One) had conducted the highest level of Technology in this dimension.
Quantum Technology (Antigravity Technology, Biotechnology) brought by the Quantum Mind of the Mediator Method One.

Mediator Method One, born by the Swastika. The One who is the Principle.

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