Runic Kabala

Clear mind – Clear Heart – Restart | Technological Breaktrough of the Body

In this system of overall development and use of electronic and technological code, a code that is the outside people, we are waiting for a time and a way to modernize the human biological organism and create its enhanced electronic circuit. The way can be found here. People only know that they are a decomposing biological substance. The system of awakening the ancient bioelectronics of the body, to which everyone is entitled, is described and offered here. It depends on the individual to what level of life will be chosen. This is a highly technological functioning modernization of the biological organism called human into a superconscious bioelectronic system. Bioelectronics of the body keep the individual connected to the Zero Point Field.

Zero Point Field Consciousness (Dolphin Consciousness) carries the impulse of the Runic Kabala, the cypher of knowledge that has been forcefully erased. This is Sound neurosurgery of the Universe. The primary goal of Science of Sound is to improve oneself. Any detour is a deviation and manipulation. The Law of the Runic Kabala is an Upright Man and the planet of Upright People. The knowledge about your Uprightness is not received as a part of any official education, university or other. The term Upright holds ambiguity, the state of the heart, mind and body. Nobody teaches you this basic 3 in 1 synthesis. The Runes are Knowledge. When you absorb the Runic Kabala and when you assimilate its plasmatic Phi Sound, then you have the knowledge about constructing a perfect biomechanism – OMANU Human Body Biocomputer

The Mediator has developed the new system of Direct Self-development and the principle of acquiring New Knowledge in segments most adequate to the individual genetic cypher.

Human Sonar System is the first product of the Mediator, it is produced from Method One and Yoga Runica – Runic System.

Method One = Law of One – Implicit System of Transmission and Installation of Compressed Segments of Thoth’s Knowledge of Atlantis.

Law of One is the Law by which the Universe functions. Law of One is manifested in the infinite rotation of the Swastika. Law of One vibrates in Phi synchronicity – Law of attraction.

Method One is a transition system for creating the 4th Sphere of Atlantis, mystical teaching, Thoth’s Knowledge, Implicit System of the civilization of Atlantis Transfer, essence of Information, Knowledge about culture, Knowledge about controlling Energy, compressed and activated through the Zero Point Field. You receive the ABC’s of Knowledge of Atlantis in Method One, through transmission and assimilation of the most important segments of the school of life.

Yoga Runica – Runic System = Yoga of Awakening Consiousness of the Swastika and Dolphin – Superconscious Abilities in the Human being. Yoga for absolute perception expansion. Yoga Runica is a system of electric and antigravity – impuls, static and dynamic exercises in the Runic Information Field (Zero Point Field). The body moves like a biological current carrier. By disclosing the original planetary Yoga Runica the Mediator has brought to life the knowledge about genetics and construction of a New Energy body. The complete Yoga Runica process is compressed in Method One. Yoga Runica builds a new human being and leads into the Dolphin Matrix.

The reconstruction of the genetic cypher is performed with Runes. The Runic Cypher constructs the perfect human DNA.  Runes are the instruments of Energy Medicine 4D. Runes are Luminous binary codes, Light and metal and water (ice) and fire – a tool that can change a human being. Runes are the archetypal strength that has the power of automatic action through your awakened system of Body and Consciousness. Runes are the archetypal mold through which the Runic Process is integrated into your body. Runes are the strongest metaphysical tool of creation and direct transformation. Runes are the building structure of the Universe. Runes are Knowledge. Runes build the Human Biocomputer.

Method One is the Knowledge of the Heart. The Heart is the most important point in Method One. The Method One Heart is the Sonar. Method One is the technology for installing the Human Sonar (Human Sonar System). Sonar is the central sensory and control system of the body. The central system is an unknown system and function of the Heart. Your evolutionary task in this life is the activation of the Sonar. Activation of the Sonar is the key to exit from the 3D matrix.
The Sonar is “all in one” – a perfect perceiver, scanner – detector, sound modulator, programmer, Biocomputer.

If you wish you can awaken your Dolphins Superconscious Abilities – your Biocomputer and Sonar and “observe the world through the eyes of a Dolphin”. Your Biocomputer uses the Dolphin Phi Internet. Dolphin Matrix = sci-fi which is an authentic parallel reality.

Human Sonar System – technology of the future and adaptability to all living conditions and aggregate states.

Originally, the Human is created as a Perfect Superconscious Biocomputer which has a natural right of functioning on the basis of personal conscious inputs and abilities. Intelligence can be increased and Knowledge and Abilities transferred/installed instantly.

In Method One (Method One Scientific Training Procedure) everything functions on the principle of Memory Transmission – Cypher. Transmission is exactly what is inconceivable for the today’s human because it is unknown. It is seen concretely in the film Matrix – transmission of the martial arts program. Transmission is a direct transfer of Consciousness and Implicit Knowledge through the Mediator in the Zero Point Field, i.e. transmission from his Heart into your Heart. The Heart is a perceptor of Runic binary light codes (Runic Cypher – Original DNA code) which are being transmitted. The transmission language is the Dolphin language. Dolphin language is the language of the Universe. Dolphin language transfers the System to you. The Universe is a System.

The Human Biocomputer functions on the principle of direct inputs and self-activation of installed programs in the memory of the Crystal – Sonar in the Heart. Memory of the programs is a compression of the cypher in a package. Installation of a new program besides Implicit Knowledge, directly injects the ability, praxis and theory. This is the principle of Direct Self-development and coding the highest potential of individual abilities based on the genetic cypher.

The Mediator is the only individual on the planet that builds the body based on the Phi principle by installing the Sonar. The Mediator builds the Human Biocomputer.

Yoga Runica – the Technology of the Universe

The Universe is Technology. In the center of every human, the Swastika rotates, the Technology of the Universe. Yoga Runica asrises from the Technological Field of the Heart. Therefore, Yoga Runica is Technology. She is Yoga of the Universe and, as such, she is the only way of unification and truth. The Universe rotates. Yoga Runica introduces into rotation. All which did not arise from rotation is not the Universe. Yoga is only then when it originates from the Heart. You cannot learn it or train it. That real Yoga is always fresh, it always introduces into a new moveement, new form and new state. Yoga Runica is not being done! It is being lived and the reason that she starts is always life itself. Runes that arise from the Heart are a tool which is used to exit out from any concepts, even time and 3D spatial limitations. Once the Rune takes you out, the difference between You and Yoga Runica does not exist.  Yoga Runica is inevitably transferred by the Runic Master. Once He breaks through your Heart, when you feel the Impulse of the Universe and when the impulse of motion leads you to the move you want to follow, then you are on the right path to receive the Yoga of contruction of the New You and then you will understand the words that are written here. Each such movement will cause a series of biochemical processes in your body, change the aggregate state, and in that moment, the performances of the body are enabled which were unimaginable until that very moment. Yoga Runica is not learned or exercised. She is Now and always a new Now.

The Original Universal Yoga Runica. The base of Method One. Yoga of Krishna. Swastika Yoga. War Yoga.

Yoga Runica – is activated with the installation of the Human Sonar System in the body. It's the Yoga of development and perfecting the main energetic, driving and managing center of the Body – the Heart.

Yoga Runica is the base of the Runic Combat System and Runic Sport System. Yoga Runica: Yoga of Consciousness, Yoga of Consciousness's movement. Runica original, from the North, from Runes. In the Runic Gym, Yoga Runica sets the body into motion and brings it into the system of training on the Runic machines, strengthening the body to its maximum for which the boundaries are not set.

New technology of body construction

Body construction inside-out with the speed of light, the speed of the Rune. Launching into the New Dimension where is everything and NEW. Your New Energy Body. Original Yoga Runica – only in the Field, only when the Force sets you in motion you understand that Yoga Runica builds you. All yogas, without exception, are an attempt of imitation of the Universe, but they're not the Universe. They don't build the Universe. The Rune is the Rune. The Rune is direct and intelligent. With your force, as much as you may be trained, you can not parry the Force of the Rune. You can yield to it and that act falls in the essential Intelligence. That is the Knowledge that the Mediator Method One brings. The Technology of building the Body is possessed by the Mediator. You are offered to be built.

The complete Yoga Runica process is compressed in Method One.

Genetic engineering | Genetic reconstruction

Firstly, the fight against lies and ignorance. Evolution does not exist. There is only genetic engineering. There is the Body. The body is the first technology. The body is a living organism which means that it possesses the intelligence of transformation when it is in the original state.

Rotation: the original human body is the Body of the Universe which means that it is in continuous rotation. It's not static.

Message to all scientists – what you are doing with the body, all medical achievements, transplantations, implantations, ..., especially playing with genetics – all of this concretes the body, stops the natural intelligence and abilities – you're making zombies and robots. Those bodies are completely separated from the information, let alone the experience of the energy body, the Swastika which is the Source of Life. All these procedures do not lead into immortality as some madly believe. Nor into longevity. The only way is the installation and acceptance of the Swastika which is rotation. The human needs genetic reconstruction, but you can't do it from the state you are in. Again, the answer is the Swastika and rotation – it is the only way to generate the pure, original humanoid genetic cipher. In your case, you are playing with genetics which is not human and should not exist in the universe, and especially not in the human body.

The human has to be introduced into the Universe, i.e. the Universe into the human. Everything else leads to utopia within the closed system which has no possibility of survival or development.

Rotation of the Swastika

The perfect rotation of the Swastika pulls the body into the perfect physical rotation. Perfect means precise and centered rotation which is physically manifested with rotation around the vertical axis. Thus, literally embodying the energy vertical into the physical body. This rotation is impossible for the body in 3D because it cannot withstand it – it is broken by the force of the Universe. The 3D body will withstand rotation in a circular trajectory, but not rapid rotation around its axis. Rotation is the way of presenting Yoga Runica and the Knowledge of Atlantis. Body, which is rotated by the Swastika, emanates Runes. Such rotation is incomparable with any other movement, even rotation.

Rotation of Transformation

We do not designate anything. We do not call out anyone. We do not point our fingers at anyone. We are in rotation. Planet Earth is our home as well. We have the right to the Heart and the right to be alive. We are in rotation because we know that the change is happening through ourselves. Our transformation cures the space and everything inside it. We are not a movement. We simply are. We do not impose philosophy nor ideology nor religion. This is where the Source, the Center itself that teaches every individual. Everyone receives Knowledge within oneself. There are no disoriented, misguided, manipulated. Rotation is the demonstration of traveling through Space. This is how one travels into the Center of Oneself, into the Universe. Through Rotation. This is how Metamilitarists, true Warriors of Light are being built. And that's the protection which planet Earth needs the most at this moment. Armed with Runes and Runic Kabala and the Body which is capable to survive in Space, Metamilitarists bring the necessary change and open the gates of the Universe.

Lebenskraft, Rotation of life

You are invited to a direct experience of the new methodology of perfecting the body and mind. Technology of the New Atlantis. In the darkest of times, the Highest Knowledge is being given. There is a way out. The way out is in the Heart through the Heart. Especially all of you are invite who know that there is something more from the reality you know of.

Action of demonstration of Consciousness. Begins with the ROTATION MACHINE. The first Rotation Machine is the Swastika in the Heart. Then you see that the Human Body is a Rotation Machine. As a such Machine you see that the  Mediator, and each Space in which is the Mediator, is the Basic Driving Rotation Machine. All of this together we have called the Rotation of life or LEBENSKRAFT.

OMANU Human Body Biocomputer (OHBB) demonstrate the authentic Feeling. Their activated Bodies are the vehicles to Krishna.

Runic Master

Runic Master. This is all that is missing for the New Atlantis. Each Atlantis was built from Swastika. Swastika, not as a symbol, not as a story but as a Body and inside a Body. DirectFromCenter disposes with the Knowledge of Swastika. It is brought,  kept and transfered by a living man, Mediator, Runic Master who is the embodied Swastika. You are invited to come and meet the Swastika.


The Runic Sword

Runic sword is the legend of Excalibur. The force held the sword in the stone – the Force of the Universe. The one who conducts the Force can draw the sword from the stone – the Law of Attraction. The Runic sword is a symbol of the Force of the Universe – the Rune – Runic Cross. Jacques de Molay was the One who held the Runic sword. Templars owned the Knowledge of the Force of the Universe which is the Rune. Knowledge is transferred by the One who holds the Runic sword – the Runic Master. Symbolism of the Runic sword is not death nor victory. The symbolism itself represents the purpose of existence of the Runic Master – the transfer of Knowledge which is the Force of the Universe.

Explanation of Bhagavad Gita – War on Kurukshetra » Yoga Runica – Swastika Yoga – Krishna Yoga – War Yoga

Vril Overcoming for Women (VOW)

„Beware of the woman!“, „Women drain the energy“, ... that's how the greatest minds spoke through history from Zarathustra to Nikola Tesla. These statements were interpreted in various ways and the most frequent conclusion was (especially from women) that they were misogynists and that they have gone mad because of science. To speak the truth does not mean madness or hatred. They're problem was that they either didn't know or they didn't deal with the reason of that state and thus they couldn't do anything. The total insight in the state in which the civilization today is and has been through past eons, was enabled with the Mediator's arrival to Earth. The Mediator brings the highest technological discovery – reveals the implantation of the body as the main cause of all states and events. Women carry a more important role because the female body has a greater energy capacity than the male and when it's implanted and blocked, and everyone is implanted, it becomes a machine for draining energy. Men in a unity with a women become energetically powerless and they subconsciously defend themselves from draining which most frequently ends with agression. This is not the defense of men nor chauvinism. Everyone is impalnted and dysfunctional, men and women. We began the story with women because the liberated and awakened women heals the civilization. Sounds simple, but it's not. The awakening is not a change of mind, autosuggestion, love for all and similar stories that the New age program places, and it's also not subjugation as it is done by the members of some religions. The awakening is a Force that breaks through and opens the entire body, the Energy impact of the Zero Point Field. Here it is spoken about the subjugation with the Heart in order for the Force to raise the unimaginably strong and self-conscious woman to whom the seized power has been restored. It's the only way in which the biochemical transformation (Deimplantation) of all levels of the body will occur and achieve the State of Consciousness and the possibility of correct action. Without this, there is no point in talking about Awakening and correctness because it's a delusion.

Vril seminars and Vril Training for women are intended for individuals who are ready to hear the truth and open the Heart for the transformation. The recognition of the Mediator will happen with the Heart. That's the most important part of the encounter. In today's time of general manipulation it is most difficult to know what is the truth.  The Mediator, the only man who opens the Heart and introduces into the high energy state, proves and demonstrates in what way to get to the truth and why no one can reach it without such procedures. He is the first one who breaks the energy barrier between the human and the Universe. VOW is for individuals with a global mission. Men are not excluded from the procedures, on the contrary, only the approach to the procedure is different and that is only until the moment of breakthrough – then, there is no difference.

Vril Orgasmatronic Yoga Runica

With Orgasmatron to the total satisfaction and absolute health. There is no Orgasmatron without awakening the body. And now we come to the question and the answer on how the body is really being awakened.
Awakening of Vril – creation of Women of the future. VRIL – the only ability necessary for creating the New Era. Newborn civilization. If you are healthy, come here so you do not lose that. If you have lost your health, come here to penetrate through that. Is life without karma possible? Method One has descended for that reason. New Atlantis can be upraised only when it is not demolished with karma.

Body lifting

Metafitness and Vril lead to Antigravity inside the body which spherically spreads around the body. It is the quickest, instantaneous way of transformation. When the body is introduced into the Antigravity field, time disappears – this actually erases all physical dependence concerning 3D as well as all reprecussions of life in this dimension. In the moment of passing, all pathogenic cipher is being erased – diseases, oldness, ignorance, inability, ... Body lifting is a term which is being used for rejuvenation of the entire body from the inside and the outside. All organs, all liquids are in the state of Antigravity. The body is an infinite space. All the heaviness of life in ignorance disappears. All the functions and all the processes in the body enter into the infinity of rotation and transformation. Nothing is unchangeable, even the consequence of aging and time in the Matrix. It is possible to rejuvenate the body and, in doing so, there are no limitations. Instead of the word rejuvenation, we will rather use Body lifting because this means that all body parts are placed into absolute functionality, mobility and productivity (not considering age because there is no age and time in the Zero Point).

Special Vril Training For Women of the New Era

Primordial Overcoming for Women of the nEw eRa – POWER

Black Lama. Runic Master. Dzogchen mountain.
Biological clock from antimatter integrated into the Heart. Descended towards the reproductive point. It becomes the endless Zero Point. Training for women of the New Era, a carrier of New culture, begins from the focus to the newly integrated biological clock. Focus and discipline grow. Levels are narrowed. Taming the body means moving it across the Dzogchen mountain. Bringing the body to the peak. Bringing the women to the finish line. The Vril through a woman. The body is susceptible to maximal flow. In the Method One Field. Transformed shape – aesthetics of the Swastika – Energy Medicine 4D – cosmetic surgery in the Field that heals on all levels. The Field is an anesthetic. About Method One beauty – Atlantis is the biological parent. It is beauty. Here the gene returns to the initial biological state of Atlantis. Archetypal beauty. Archetypal transformation. Who is the woman’s archetype? Runes build the perfect structure. Metafitness (RBS, Werwolf) is the most extreme and efficient sport. Its base is Yoga Runica. Yoga Runica is the foundation of archetypal inner and outer beauty. Through Method One Training.

Orgasmatronic mountain contains the vein of life. After the finish, you enter. Into the vein itself. Through the Method One Training Procedure.

The woman’s Heart, woman’s brain listens because it is seeking this Point and this Goal since birth. The mountain is a metaphor and it is not. Through Method One Training.

Women don’t understand the women. Men don’t understand women. Because of deep implantation. Women and the body they carry is a powerful energetic tool. Regardless of the state she is capable in receiving and learning about Energy surplus through Method One. Where to apply the received. About the direction of Superstrength – through Method One.

Ability of conducting experience. Orgasm is Sound. Orgasm is a vibration. Orgasm is a Rune. There is no end. ORGASMATRON. For a women of the modern age – modern means pure and new, produced and installed, established in totality. Now. Method One is a complete revolution of the body industry – energetic and physical. The body is IN. The body is modern. The body dictates fashion. Zero silicon body from Black plasmatic culture. How is that possible? The Zero body is OUT, time is IN. Authorized perception descends dictations of Law of the Universe. Black Laws. Method One Praxis through Method One Theory. Corporeal esotery – Body Industry. Through Method One Training.

Dolphin woman. Dolphin Body. The awake the One. With one eye she sees the front, back, under and above. She is switched on. The one that shines. A body that shines always sees. Through Dzogchen Procedure – Method One Training – Dolphin Transformation – Clear One – Black Dolphin One.

Master of Precognitics. Master of Metafitness – sport of omnipotence. Through Method One you see that inability does not exist. Werwolf = Truth = Omnipotence. Runic Combat System Training. Werwolf Training. Method One – Law of One – Black Field – Zero Point – Runic System – Werwolf – Dzogchen. Exclusiveness. Explosiveness. Law of One – Method One.

Vril Training for Women of the New Era is specific for the female body  which is more suitable for accepting and conducting the Vril Energy, therefore  it can easily conduct Informations from the Zero Point Field. This is an opportunity that the woman stays in the Field as an Information Intelligence Conductor, Information Intelligence Scanner, Metafitness Trainer, Project Designer and Constructor in the Zero Point Field, Black Field Conductor,

Accept the Sonar and become a Superconscious Human Biocomputer. Information Intelligence is integrated into the body. All levels are encompassed simultaneously: integration of will, Energy medicine of the Zero Point Field, extreme physical endurance, instantaneity of transformation + transfer of Knowledge and Technology that enables maintaining the achieved state. Runic Combat System, Werwolf and transfer of Essential Dzogchen lead into unimaginable levels of State and Consciousness. Development of abilities – Viewing, … Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology is an active uninstallation of old programs and a reprogramming into Superconsciousness – Superconscious Human Biocomputer (OMANU Human Body Biocomputer - OHBB).

Vril Kundalini

Linearly looking, spirals pass along the spine from the front and back. Spirals are actually intertwined and create a Vortex. The Vortex is the Force of Swastika which is Vril. Vril from the Heart penetrates the genitalia and with a spiral path (Vortex) rises along the spine and opens the brain. Mathematically looking, the breakthrough Heart – genitalia – brain is the beginning of the Phi spiral. The awakened Human Body is the Source which is the Center itself. The Center, the Human Body, was created from the Center which is the Heart – Swastika. Logic says that the Embodied Swastika – the Awakened Human Body – is the Center of the Universe, i.e., the Universe itself. Such Body produces and transmits Phi waves – Vortex (Rotation). Phi is the Principle of functioning of the Universe which is infinite. This is the answer to the question about immortality – Swastika.

The Orgasmatron Force

Orgasmatron is the Field. Orgasmatron is the Body. Everything is a cypher. Orgasmatron is a nuclear reaction. Orgasmatron is also war technology. The Female Body conducts the absolute orgasmatronic impact of the Zero Point Field. The Female Body is the male body as well and vice versa – that’s One.

Metafitness of vagina – Orgasmatron

Superconsciousness – you don’t know what is happening to you. You are just Superconscious. Everything is happening to you, all states. That is Superconsciousness. You know nothing, but from you Information fly all around. Orgasmatron is Superconsciousness. The Force of Vril. Method One installs Perpetuum mobile which is the Orgasmatronic Force. But only when it works in the Body and from the Body. Energetic and then physical. The Force is the Information that penetrates the body. Method One.

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