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DFC InFormIntell Processing | Security Management Consulting (DIP Online)


Education and training of individuals, organizations, governments for exiting personal and global crisis

Information Intelligence Procedure for resolving personal, business and global situations | Security Management Consulting
Development of human potentials through the Zero Point Field Information Intelligence and the technology of its action


DirectFromCenter - DFC conducts Information Intelligence Procedure/Scanning/Consulting/Training (online) to individuals, governments and official government inteligence agencies and military/security forces, as well as all other organizations (commercial sectors, sporting clubs, non-profit sectors, political parties, ...) and potential sponsors of Spherein Development Projects in order to empower individuals and organizations to embody the Technological Field of the Method One Heart – Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology, OMANU Zero Point Field Science and Technology & OMANU Metamilitary Information Intelligence Security System (OMMIISS) into their own operations.


DFC InForm Intelligence Procedure - Scanning - Consulting - Training

INTERVIEW | Consultation and leading the client into the INFORM INTELLIGENCE PROCEDURE | Information-energetic communication with the client | BIO-SCANNING – Scanning on a personal level/global level/Scanning of situations/Expert analysis/Information reading – giving information parameters – Bio-scanning the karmic field, individual genetic cypher (objective analysis of the existing karmic status – genetics, conditioning and consequence – karma) | Information - energetic correction of the biofield | Bioenergetic modulation and opening the dimension of the body | Information Intelligence programming and re/programming of the body and mind | Instant installation and activation of Information in the body | Transformation of the body | AUTHENTIFICATION OF THE ORIGINAL GENETIC CODE | SKIP OVER – Direct entrance into the Zero Point Field and Bio-scanning the highest potential and best possibility/Skip Over technology for destroying blockages that prevent acceptance of the solution | Energy impacts of the Zero Point Field on the body | Linear brain – shuting down the old brain cells and opening options through opening cadres of the brain – stronger brain is the brain of the Heart. Subject (client) goes through BII (Body Intelligence Interrogation – Examination of physical intelligence) + 3 phases of Energy field testing. Measuring the intensity of the Zero Point Field influence to the body, flow rate measurement, speed of progress, Intelligence growth, cognitive and Precognitics abilities of the body. Measuring the proportions of the physical body and how much do they change – information flow during the time of opening the body and the speed of constructing the new information system which includes reorganization of the personal functioning system | STRATEGY FOR CREATING PERSONAL (INDIVIDUAL LIFE CREATION), BUSINESS AND GLOBAL SOLUTIONS/OBJECTIVES | Direct insight into the current state of affairs and change of the same | Screening in the Field of Information in sterile conditions of the Space (in the Information Field of the Zero Point) in accordance with its purpose – outside of the Matrix | Installation | CONDITIONING – establishing a new situation/leading and conducting a new installation | Complete OUTGOING without restructuring. Construction of a completely new structure | INTRODUCING THE OPERATING TECHNOLOGY AND ACCEPTING THE PROCEDURE AND POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS | Further consultation and development of operating technology

 Security Management Consulting

Precognitics Expertise – Precognitics Analysis – Processing of the actual condition NOW and understanding the necessity in which it leads to (predicted development of a situation in the future) | Precognitics Analysis – global strategy analysis | Scanning – Direct Action. Direct Transformation | Viewing – strategic observing in the Zero Point Field/High resolution scanning – action purpose estimate | Metamilitary Information Intelligence Scanning and Procedure

Introduction into Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology and Methodology of Metafitness | OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology | OMANU Metamilitary Information Intelligence Security System – OMMIISS | MetaSystem Metamanagement and Control System

Monitoring – monitoring an individual/organization that accepted the procedure | Mentoring

Consultations and applications for the Method One Training Procedure/OMMIISSWW Special Training


  Appointments for ONLINE CONSULTATION are during the entire year

  LOCATIONS: ONLINE (via skype)

  ONLINE CONSULTATION for private/business/political clients – Basic price = 200 € (90 min.)
  For residents of Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia: 100 € (90 min.) 

  Every further extension of work is arranged on the spot. The price depends on demands of the Procedure and risks.

  ONLINE CONSULTATION is led by the Mediator Method One and ZPF Officer (ZPF Training Conductor, Consultant and Expert  Analyst).


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