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Method One speaks Now. Divert all your attention here. This is the ultimatum of Infinite Force that has enveloped the entire Planet and its inhabitants. If you see the level of danger we are in, then you surely know that Method One is the only necessity. If you are seeking, stop. Method One stops all forces of control and enables a New Beginning. A true new world order is being written Now. Nobody understands this, nor they will. This is a proclamation and a declaration of a new regulative founded on a 4D legal act. 4D has merged the four primary sectors of humanity. Four chambers directly enable the four states of the Heart. The Zero Point Field is integrated into all four chambers. After you enter the first one, dematerialization begins. These are deimplantation chambers that transmute you from 3D to 4D. In this way the 4D legal act is integrated into a human being.

4D is the Swastika OMANU Human Body Biocomputer.
The principle of the Swastika is four chambers that change their positions.

Presentation of the Human Biocompter

Global ignorance, superficiality, destructive technology, impossibility, insensitivity – all of this is the global INSTALLATION of the brain and the body of the today's human. This installed organ is the main driving center for the today's human, and it should not be. Someone has installed the human and it isn't the evolutionary process. Someone has genetically changed the original human, deliberately, intentionally and it was not a disaster or a coincidence. Where is the HEART? Or better yet, why is the human abolished from the Knowledge about the Superconscious Center which is in the center of every living being? Superconscious Center means that it is the main energetic and driving center of the body and that this center should drive the brain as an executing organ. Who controls the brain today and why it is not the Superconscious Center in each of us?

Human Sonar System – installation and familiarization with the Superconscious Center in yourself, the first product of the Mediator, technologically perfect procedure of awakening the human into a Superconscious being. The second product is the Human Biocomputer (OMANU Human Body Biocomputer) – the entire body is awaken into the Human Sonar System, the human is qualified to use Information from the complete base of all data about all the Universe (Spaces) and in any time point. This is the presentation of the Human Biocomputer who is pure existence, life, whose body can not and must not be controlled and navigated by anyone except Him – this achieves the fundamental law of existence and this is the pre-requirement for the technological and all other achievements of the civilization that strives to become Highly Conscious, i.e. in this case it is more appropriate to say Superconscious. The body is the key to exit from this unbearable state and for the planet and for all life on it.

(II part »       

OMANU Human Body Biocomputer - OHBB

The seminal Human Being was born as Omanu Human Body Biocomputer (OHBB) – Supreme Being in Intelligence, Ability, Strength but not as a predator. OHBB is the Co-creator of the Universe and Life and that is why his body is the strongest technology in the Universe. His Body is the Universe.

Method One for Transformation of the body into OHBB » Method One Scientific Training Procedure

The New Era

The Mediator has broken through the Matrix field, descended and conducted the Zero Point Field into and through the body. The possibility of passing through the Sphere of Atlantis is open.

The Mediator Method One created the Project of human body transformation into OMANU Biocomputer Technology – Natural Force and Law of the Zero Point Field. Achieving the State of Clear One.

The goal of the project is a Body liberated from the Matrix. This is the most important step towards freedom. The New Era will come through the Human being. Metamultihumanism. 

The Mediator Method One had brought Total Technology and development, but construction, i.e. Transformation into Total Quantum Biological Machines – Quantum Biocomputer. The Quantum jump of the body into the Body is OMANU Human Body Biocomputer. The jump is a journey. The journey is a Breakthrough.


Meta (greek) – state and place that is strived towards, beyond, like a trans. Multi – refers to Multidimensionality, without limits or restrictions. Metamultihumanism is a term for the standard of High conscious civilizations. A human being is a multidimensional being. From the position of the current state on Earth, Metamultihumanism is the ideal that you strive towards. Ideal conditions are not a utopia. Transcendence of mortality – longevity in health and Knowledge. The possibility that has overpowered inability. Respecting life from the state of Consciousness which is absolute pleasure. Becoming conscious of the Swastika is the foundation of Metamultihumanism. This is the START of New values and the meaning of existence.

Precognitics – the only way for understanding Metamultihumanism.

OMANU Human Body Biocomputer – the culmination of technological development

In today’s age of lunatic technological development, irrational production for even more unreasonable consumption, the possibility is given for exceptional technological development which is in accordance with all principles of the Universe. The Mediator had brought the possibility to put the human into the center of technological evolution and revolution – into the Zero Point itself.

The development of Superconscious Technology is realistic. The Zero Point is REALISTIC because the MEDIATOR is on Earth. All that is necessary to prove this statements is a space created according to runic standards (Mediator’s space, space of production and transformation – OMANU Space Center) + several volunteers who are ready to hear the Mediator, who will allow Superconsciousness to overcome their aspirations and assumptions and simply, with their transformation, allow the Zero Point to prove itself and its superiority in regards to everything known and unknown. The investment for the most superior technology in the world is pennyworth in comparison to the resources invested in today’s destructive and harmful technology.

HUMAN BIOCOMPUTER (OMANU HUMAN BODY BIOCOMPUTER - OHBB) – the culmination of technological development. A Superconscious being in which the Zero Point itself is installed, activated and effective – the Information Base of the entire Existence. Without such technological revolution, there is no solution for planet Earth. 

DFC product – OMANU Human Body Biocomputer

The Biocomputer is being installed. Genetic predispositions are programs that the Biocomputer will use. Of course, programs can be downloaded based upon need. The Human Biocomputer has a quantum brain, which means it sees and functions in all dimensions from the other side of the 3D perceptive reality. The Human Biocomputer – the most important product. Its functioning is the best propaganda. The Biocomputer is absolutely receptive to the Mediator. The Mediator as a Source of everything maintains the Biocomputer with his energy-information system. In this way the Biocomputer receives, records and transmits Information. Information are instantly implemented through the Biocomputer which is transferring them. This demonstrates the authenticity and efficiency of Method One Technology that, besides constructing, provides constant improvement of its main product – Human Biocomputer. The principle is Energy, Information and Implementation in the moment NOW.

OMANU Human Body Biocomputer (OHBB) – Runic Body, constructed and trained with special procedure by the Mediator for functioning in and from the Zero Point Field State.

OHBB – self-regulating and self-correcting machine which instantly comes to the solution of every situation.

State of Method One Modus Operandi – OHBB

There is nothing higher – development of operative abilities follows.
One enters the infinity Modus Operandi here. Infinite improvement, discovering other parallel Universes and simultaneous development of abilities.


Human Sonar System

The term Biocomputer is the Human Body, i.e., the Perfect Human Biocomputer. The Perfect Human biocomputer is the Mediator’s Body, i.e., the Mediator himself. The primary and only knowledge of the Biocomputer is the installed Mechanism Swastika – Human Sonar System. The Biocomputer is a Sonar. 4D technology descended and materialized to the 3D physical level.

The author of original product – Human Sonar System – is the Zero Point Field and its Mediator. Human Sonar System is the prime product of Mediator. All other products and projects come out of the Human Sonar System – Mediator Method One.

The Mediator is the only individual on the planet that builds the Body based on the Phi principle by installing the Sonar. The Mediator builds the OMANU Human Body Biocomputer.  

OMANU Human Body Biocomputer | Original Human Technology

Free Energy Technology – OMANU Technology – OHBB

Quantum Brain Biocomputer (QBB)

Human Biocomputer Quantum Superpositioning

QBB means that the Heart – head flow is established. In the moment of connecting into the Zero Point Field, the brain functions on a quantum level and it conducts Information from the Field without errors. Connection into the Field is performed by the Mediator Method One with a Procedure in a special space (Biocomputer space/Black Room/Outer space conditions – antigravity conditions). A certified QBB obtains empowerments with which the ability of connecting is activated in any other necessary place and necessary time, which means that in such cases the QBB will have access to the Information Base of the Zero Point Field and be able to use specific necessary knowledge and abilities (instant activation of knowledge and abilities which were not learned or trained before/Human Biocomputer Quantum Superpositioning) such as Information Base from all areas of expertise – sport (extreme physical and mental condition and abilities, Metafitness), self-defense martial arts abilities, art, music, science, foreign languages, communication abilities, work in some specialized computer programs, etc.

QBB is a status/operational ability/Modus Operandi of the Human Biocomputer between HSSHB/HSSHBRBS and OHBB Phases of the Method One Training Procedure. 

Quantum Biocomputer

Quantum Biocomputer – Quantum Superintelligence = OMANU Human Body Biocomputer (OHBB). Above all technological achievements. It is the original human body. OHBB feeds on pure Consciousness – Monatomic gold (Arya Cetas). It has a 100% capability of transformation. Such bodies are the original Atlantis, Vril civilization. 

Crystal of Atlantis

Genetic Intelligence

Black Body is a Crystal Body – Quantum Biocomputer. Each molecule of the Crystal DNA is a Quantum Biocomputer » Genetic Intelligence. The term quantum is not used here as a measurement unit but as a term for the ability of instant record, processing and data storage through and from Multidimensionality. The Human Body is a Quantum Biocomputer – OMANU Human Body Biocomputer. The Human Biocomputer (OHBB) is the most perfect and the most precise technology of existence. The civilization of Atlantis functioned on the principle of the Human Biocomputer. Atlantis (Crystal of Atlantis) is the Source of the Crystal DNA. One molecule of the Crystal DNA has the ability of instant record, processing and Information storage (memory) of the entire Universe. Each Information at the level of the Universe is a compression of memory of the entire existence of that Information. Such Information is a compression of all Information from the Source to the moment Now which is the Source itself. 

DFC Database







Hagal in the Black Cube

DirectFromCenter Logo

Black Cube is the Black Body. In the Center of the Body lives HAGAL, KRISHNA, SUDARSHANA CHAKRA. The Black Body is ideal for undisturbed flow, pure work of the Rune which originates from Hagal. Hagal is one of the representations of Sudarshana Chakra. He represents one part of Her, and that part is equal to all the other parts together which are One.

Symbol of motion in all directions. Controlling the Force of entering and exiting in the Center and out of the Center. Motion like in a wheel cog. Retracts and ejects and simultaneously grinds everything redundant. The Zero Point conducted through the Body. No physical laws apply here. The Zero Point is unpredictable only to the one who is not in its Field. For the transformed physical body that can conduct the Field movements aren’t random. Looking from the outside, force and chaos can be seen. With entrance into the Zero Point Field Runic regularity is being followed. The Force is all-attractive, but there is no collision. A unique passage into Space is opened for everything and everyone. The All-attractive Center is the One that explodes and implodes into an infinite number of Centers. A plasmatic body in an ideal medium. Organic structure becomes inorganic, the indestructible Crystal Body that exits the concept of organic and inorganic. The Body of silicium is not only black and rigid. The Black Body emanates a complete specter and projects all aggregate states. The Sun is also a Black Body.

Sudarshana Chakra  – Swastika itself. The center of  DirectFromCenter  Logo.

The Pyramid represents the ascended Human led by the Swastika which operates through him. The tesseract represents the Pyramids connected around the Center. Each Pyramid is a Human being whose head is attracted to the Heart. This is transparence. The closer you are to the Black Field, less things are hidden. Dimensions in which people today move create chaos and distort the truth. The tesseract depicts clear space. Differences in dimensions still exist but not as walls.

Sudarshana Chakra – Swastika itself. The center of DirectFromCenter Logo










Mind Control

Leader | Vril Technology Method One beyond time and walls

Leader description: 8 Pyramids, facing the Center. Center – 2 Swastikas, the Center of planet Earth – the Center of the Universe. One center, 8 Pyramids – 8 continents. 8 Pyramids – Octagon, symbol of infinite rotation and transformation.

It signifies the value of all vibration of Information given by the Mediator. The Symbol is the Mediator’s tool that has bioelectronic influence on observing the body and mind, the mind controller that conquers the cold or overheated mental. Metal, cold colors of the Hagal Crystal that emanates the red color of the Runic Field keep the Heart – head connection in balance. Mind Control is the view from the other side of Consciousness. When you are in position behind the Black Sun, the glow of the specter is behind the Source.

Center – two Swastikas in rotation. Production of the Field, magnetism, the Law. Force of the Law is conducted only when two Swastikas are connected.

The Pyramids represent the human body attracted to the Swastika’s magnetism. The body becomes the channel of Consciousness and Energy. Pure Light from the Black Field starts flowing through the body, and this is pure Information. 

When observing from the Black Field, the Swastika is seen first, red Runic Field is around it.

Symbol of Vril Energy. Monoatomic gold.

Crystal Black Pyramid with a luminous pillar passing through is a symbol of the Runic Body construction and flowability.

8 Pyramids. Pyramids are portals into the story. Pyramids are keys. Names are codes. The number of Pyramids is the code. Pyramids are the key of simplicity. Through them you enter into the Runic Phi Vortex.

OMANU Space Center – OMANU Biotechnology Field of the Human Heart (Human Sonar)

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