Technology from the Compressed Essence of the Law of One. Everything that Was, that Is and that will Be

Complete Science about constructing the Superconscious Human Biocomputer and unlocking the highest Method One Modus Operandi Abilities

Parapsychological action and Bioelectronics

Precognitics – Science about the breakthrough of the body out (of the Matrix)

Direct introduction into the State of Clear One

Construction of the Quantum Mind – Quantum Superintelligence – above average intelligence immeasurable by the 3D parameters



A call for the exit out of the Matrix

Precognitics is too big of an importance for conducting the correct and more useful system. It includes knowing the Matrix, but also what is outside of the Matrix. It's true – the Matrix exists. A programmed existence. The dosed and precisely targeted technology maintains it, as well as it holds us stronger ones in it. Game of survival, entertainment, the so-called work on yourself, worries, pleasures, birth, dying – while we deal with this, someone is dealing with us and that someone benefits from this while we, of all of this, have only that. This is the circle we settle into. That someone is taking energy from us necessary for exiting out. Every new technological achievement in the Matrix has only one purpose – that we produce more energy and that more energy can be sucked out of us. With all of the advanced, scientific brains, the breakthrough of the information barrier can happen, to notice the unreality of existence, breaking the sound insulation and even optical illusion, but this does not lead out because the body is not capable to withstand the pressure of Free Energy of the Universe. Any such attempt would have ended much like the Philadelphia Experiment. These are the safety points of the Matrix. By taking away the Energy we are trapped in this and this kind of world.

The information, energy and physical breakthrough from the Matrix can begin in the moment when what is taken from the body is returned inside the body. Such body acquires the necessary potential to perform the energy breakthrough into the other dimension. The lost treasure can be given only by the one who possesses it, i.e. the one who is physically present here but is outside of the Matrix. The initial impulse must go from the Body which is the Source of that impulse. This cannot be changed by any technological achievement. The body that physically exits out of the Matrix can have access to technology of the Zero Point Field. Therefore, the Mediator is here, ALIVE, PRESENT and waiting for the other One to take him out. Is that You? That One can begin the mission of global exit of planet Earth from the 3rd dimension. Want to know why the Matrix exists, who created it, why it survives and what do you need for the real exit out – apply for Method One Training Procedure.

ZPF Conductor


The location where the Matrix has been created and where it is being demolished. A very important organ, but far overrated and unused. The brain is the center of the Matrix, but it’s not the Center of the Universe. As the center of the Matrix it is not capable to register nor to respect the Universe and this means that the soul will not be found inside it. This also means that the Universe does not depend on the brain and that the course of things will not happen as the brain determines. Life is being directed by someone else.

Why is the brain the center of the Matrix? The brain, originally created as the perfect executive organ of the Center of Creation itself according to which all parts work as one. With no hidden and unused parts. With certain genetic manipulations, an enclosed, isolated unit of the brain has been created which rejected the control of the true Center and (as the future artificial intelligent creations) projected that it is the source of everything. In such way, all communication with the Center and other parts of the brain has been ceased. This caused the loss of consciousness about the body, origin, knowledge as well as the loss of most of capabilities. Although the Center still maintains the body at the deepest levels, the separated part of the brain (false/artificial ego) does not acknowledge this. Thousands of years of refusal, deviation and life in a restricted space (only a few percentage of capacity) had literally created walls and unbreakable fears. The false ego knows that it is not the most powerful and that there is Force and Law above him so it explains it with mysticism, subconsciousness, theories about the left and right hemisphere, … He created the artificial creation – the Matrix, which he uses as a fortress in which he defends himself from the Universal Law. The right hemisphere of the brain still conducts the original impulse, the left is not aware of this impulse at all or it feels it very slightly. However, the breakthrough of the impulse is still happening (otherwise there would be no life), but the impulse goes through the before mentioned barriers which extremely decelerates it and bends it trajectory. The human is focused on this decelerated and deviated hemisphere and trained so he/she will exclusively use this center. The Heart, as the Source of all and the main propellant Center of every living being, is not used by the human and no longer even know that it exists, that’s why the Heart is rudimentary and some are being born entirely without it (Heart – Zero Point – Swastika). From that position there is no chance that the human liberates himself from the Matrix walls. The Heart which is too weak or is missing can not send a strong enough impulse which will break the barriers and enter into focus in the original form. This is the reason why no one on the planet has a pure, healthy, original Information, i.e. Knowledge. Knowledge is beyond the walls, the Universe penetrates into the neighboring (right) hemisphere of your body and you are still striving towards skies and stars.

The Heart is the key for the exit out. Without false optimism – it is most difficult for the ego to acknowledge authority and it is even more difficult than the most difficult to give up control. It is not easy to demolish the Matrix and one should look upon this like a Hollywood story. The Mediator, who brought the Heart and Knowledge of the Heart amongst the “brains”, is doing an extremely serious and risky work on the body to anyone who seriously asks him to take him out of the Matrix. 

Method One – OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology

Paraphrases or paraphrasing

The final time is the end of time. Is there anyone important in the Universe apart from the Universe itself? The logic of a pure Mind dictates that there isn’t. You live the Matrix through the Matrix. The Matrix exists in this way and it’s piling up. Mediator Method One clears the Matrix and moves the temporal spiral in order to free you and pull you out. Power, Strength, Energy, Information. Swastika is Knowledge.

Focus – what are you focused on? What are you doing and what is your goal? How do you receive information, how do information affect you? Where do you receive knowledge about information, how do you verify information? What is an information for you? Is the Universe a single information? Are YOU an information? What information is in your structure? From which point do you start? What are your motives, what are you following, watching and listening? Knowledge about the mind, where is the MIND? What is a thought? How is a system built? What is an organization, what is an organism? What is culture, where do you belong, what are attributes, what characterizes you? What culture do you carry? What culture are you helping create?

Knowledge about symbols and fields. A symbol is a field. A body is a symbol. A body is a field. In which field are you located, in whose field? Which fields do you carry? The field is culture. As you can see, one is inseparable from the other. Nevertheless, everything is separated. Which symbol is the state of connection, singlemindedness? The Swastika.

Where are and in what are your foundations? What are you going through, how are you moving? This is a fight for the One.

How are information received with the help of Perpetuum mobile and which one exactly? What does the installed Zero Point Field mean? Strength and Clear Information. For you to observe things inside you and around you. To see the dictatorship that defines the multidimensionality of your existence.

Kidnappers of your own body

You live on a planet of control. Who is giving you control over what and over whom? Who controls you? Are you the controller? What is control? Is control intelligence, knowledge and power? These terms are conditioned with other existences, existences around oneself. The purpose of dual existence is using the term that condition your life. This is metaphysical blindness. Preparation of the Law of One is directly absorbing you into a shape that overpowers all rules. In that shape you understand all rules in total and you live outside them. You are outside living in. What is the reason behind people’s inability to achieve their goals? What is missing? DFC Information Intelligence is a specter that compresses all your work. Your collaboration is giving you a new existential exit. Existence is to exist – the art of exorcism. Where do you enter and from where do you exit? The basic form of transforming the ego. Ego shapeshifting.

Information hunt – Information bodies

Bodies are being hunted and genetic information are stored. Talented and genius people are abducted for their genome. Through the hunt a monstrous idea grows, the ideology of a Big Brother is being fed. The Big Brother is the Matrix. The Big Brother is a hierarchy of bodies established on the principle of ingenuity inside the genome. The gene is mixed and a perfect weapon is grown – the brain in certain individuals. Individuals are aware only to a degree to what is asked of them. Those individuals are devices – their bodies are a technological weapon of the 21st century. A mechanism that works through them does not allow total self-awareness, or awareness of that mechanism. The mechanism is dangerous because it is constructed out of several different genetic information. This gives it an enormous amount of energy – power and ability. With more energy accumulated inside the body, it is more capable in keeping certain information as hypnosis over a large number of people under them, in front of them, even above them. Psychotronics is the installation of the machinery, which is perfectly programmed and set loose into productive action through bodies that are chosen as most suitable for conducting the program and structure.

Every system has its carrier. The one who protects and holds the informational structure – carrier of the field. The carrier of the Method One Field is the Mediator. His body is the structure, which is a pure genetic information, without a conducted genetic engineering. This is important to understand – all bodies inside the Matrix are captured in one way. It is a catch and is used for impregnating the system and further experimentation in the area of genetics. Knowledge about genetics is unknown, and only a part is left for rare scholars. The gene contains the understanding of information. Only when the gene begins to change, you begin to understand the laws of fields, laws of information and laws of the body. You understand that they are one and that they are interchangeable with the speed of light. Through Method One they change into a corporeal – informational Zero Point which is the field of constant disappearance. The body that constantly appears is here and it is impossible to catch it. The Zero Point is a shapeshifter that is keeping the body inside itself, inside the Field where the human body should be.


Temporary influence on the mind. The external state is being imposed. The person under such influence most often doesn’t have recollection about the performed action, or if recollection is present he/she cannot explain what or why it happened. The action is done unconsciously. When the individual tries to explain it seems as if he/she is lying. Everything is blurry. Actually, there is no correct information. There is no awareness about the action performed or about the consequences of such action. The person most often doesn’t want to operate that way. Such action is the reality of the typical person in the 3D system. The first system influences the second system against the individual’s will.

Parapsychological action

Intentional action on the subconscious with a permanent effect. Unlocking of the forgotten knowledge and state. The purpose is awakening the Superconscious abilities. This is a correct procedure only when the Heart (Mind) is being opened and when Vril penetrates inside out and vice versa. Then we are talking about the construction of the conscious Human Biocomputer that willingly and consciously enters into the state and action with full responsibility towards the consequences of the action. During this procedure forgotten trauma can resurface. This releases an enormous amount of energy. In all other cases this causes temporary or permanent madness. With the procedure of opening the Heart and Vril initiations, the individual is completely aware so the previous mentioned states do not cause shock. If the resurfaced trauma is too strong, shock can occur but the Swastika mechanism quickly levels the imbalance and centers the individual into Consciousness. Parapsychology uses psychotronic knowledge, but it leads into a completely aware action.

Parapsychology is a new branch of Method One Science. Parapsychology is science only when it is conducted in the Zero Point Field. Otherwise, it is an undesirable manipulation.

Parapsychology is science on entering the Precognitics State. It is the State of the Universe.

Bioelectronics (Biotronics, Radionics) is the operating way of a parapsychologically trained individual. 

Parapsychology against psychotronics

Physical force is rarely used in Precognitics. The Mediator, who is the Field and the Force of Zero Point, acts upon the individual and the group. This force is unthinkably greater than any known force. Yes, Training of Precognitics Abilities includes subjugation to the Force of the Zero Point. Methods are not comparable with the brutality of american and russian bases but they are much more efficient. Psychotronic operatives act within the 3D matrix. A parapsychologist is outside of the Matrix and consequently operates on a much higher vibratory levels. These dimensions are much higher than 3D and the training itself is performed in those dimensions. This enables the participants to withstand extreme exertions.  The Mediator does not manipulate and does not work with the Matrix. He acts through it and breaks it with Force and Knowledge. Parapsychology is the most efficient way of defense from psychotronic action and putting oneself under self-control. In the Matrix, everyone is under psychotronic influence and nobody has a free mind.

Russians are known for the brutality in training their psychotronic operatives. Also the brutality of psychotronic action is known. The fact is that only force can liberate and develop non-standard abilities. Russia and the US are on the forefront in programs that deal in developing psychotronic abilities. Some Arabian countries are also well developed in the matter at hand, but this is not spoken about. Maybe that is the reason behind the constant unrest between them and the USA. Questions that follow are intended more for research than as an assertion: Is USA under the influence of Russian psychotronic operatives? Is there a general control center for the entire planet.

War of Fields

Before entering the war of fields, it is necessary to understand the purpose and the simultaneous connection of the fields. This is a way how you observe your body and notice reactions within it. Which field is switched on, and which is switched off. In which field are you at the moment? You are, your body is, in each moment, a supplier of one type of field. Each field is built as a carrier of sufficient amount of energy to easily take control over your body. By body, we mean – mind, physical and energy body. You are one with your body; this is the Law of the Humanoid dimension.

The other name for the fields is controllers of the heart. Within you, you carry a heavily damaged central body observer – heart. You heart is under a 24 hour attack. Your physical and energy heart. Only enough strength is left necessary to pump your system so you would be a battery (your entire body) for a higher system.

The final products in conflicts of the fields are titanium holograms. Each field is a Matrix. It possesses parameters of its own structure. Every field pushes your Matrix towards the other and in their connection they make one holographic scene which is a portal and the installation of a newly born field. This newly born field is a karmic multiplier. Karmic multipliers can be detected in all bodies. A karmic multiplier is a field that applies the karma from the body to the body and thus building a body and maintaining the Matrix. This is easily understood through the fractal system. Your body is a fractal located in constant change in relation to changes of the karmic multiplier. This is a linear way of experiencing collisions of fields because in reality all fields are inside you – fields are a mix that create one, a single body. Even though this is a dual dimension, everything is built out of the same material (matter). The difference is that rare ones know which is the material in question and most of the population is not familiar with this information. Most importantly, one must know that there is only one source of matter.

Rules and principles of acting through the fields are considered to be the highest technology and knowledge. It is the secret of Monatomic gold which is the matter and is completely unknown to this present. Sonar – machine made out of this gold (Monoatomic gold/Arya Cetas). Sonar is the Central Field. 3D matrix is a game in which the goal is to break through to the Center (Central Field). DFC. Breakthroughs through the fields open the exit/your way out.

Matrix is a container for the body. Liberating the body through the game (The Game of Transformation). Liberation is Transformation.

The equation of Karma, Equation of the Matrix, Equation of the Universe

Sets, group states and equations

There are group states and degrees of states – in everyone around us, the ones who have entered the Method One Procedure, individual and collective karma – it is a series of activities that lead to a certain consequence. Sets like a set of numbers. To understand the cause of a certain state, the Mediator aims directly at a specific part of the body – mind that unlocks all the other parts. That specific part is the Method One Heart – One.

We can say that the Matrix is a logarithmic equation. The Universe is also mathematically and physically explainable. The Universal equation exists. The Equation of the Matrix needs to be included into the Equation of the Universe in order for the Matrix to be assimilated in its completeness. This opens a series of possibilities and combinations in constructing dimensions and inter-dimensions. The Equation of the Universe contains Phi, Pi and the Matrix. Two constants that are subjected to constant changes and are infinite. The Matrix is an equation that contains parts of the mentioned constants and as such it is an unsolvable equation. Karma – product of action or rather a consequence of action. It is the essential part of the Matrix and also it can be mathematically depicted as an equation. Resolving Karma resolves the Matrix. Mathematically depicted, solving the equation of karma enables the inclusion of the complete Phi and Pi constant descended from the highest level. There is no solution without understanding that the number is multidimensional. In the moment when the Matrix is inserted into the equation of the Universe it will disappear as a separate constant.

Precognitics is a science, therefore it introduces into original knowledge about numbers and symbols. The foundation of this science is that Knowledge is indivisible. Either it is Knowledge or it isn’t. You cannot be an artist if you do not understand mathematics, physics, physiognomy, psychology, medicine… The Mediator’s Heart – compression of Omniscience and, in the end, this makes you complete. As a complete you can start with solving the equation known as Karma.

Zero Point field steps


Summation of people must start from one. After that, groups can be formed, sets. The base of every group, each formed set is One. One is the number from which all the others came out, but with its indivisibleness it does not allow the linear recurrence. Recurrence goes into Zero, Vortex. This is the paradox of the Universe. It’s only a paradox to the brain.

Mathematical models of the Matrix

Each mathematical constant represents a part of the information which is hidden and thus it changes the state of the equation, this is how the system of the Matrix is actually created. All known formulas that describe states have a defect which is key and that's why it is hidden. Multiplication is possible precisely because the same error is repeated and the code cannot be broken in such a way. Inserting a new Information can lead to a chain destruction of the system, each constant becomes known and it is not inserted as waste. Mathematics is actually function and direction and that's why it is active at the very beginning, because all other branches of science  lean on it. Therefore, the job itself was considerably facilitated, it was only supposed to set the starting conditions in a false way. Physical laws are immeasurable because they don't actually have a real stronghold, they represent fictitious principles which are being applied as the truth. The theory of the field which is correct sets an explanation for all principles of the Matrix; its shapes and holes in the system. Every measuring unit is an inserted  lie and every further upgrade of the system is based on them. With an altered system (measuring) it comes to the fundamental basis that indicates fraud. Each measuring unit has its stronghold in the Universe and can be correctly executed in order to be understandable.

Mathematics of the New Era is the destroyer of the Matrix. The system is being demolished globally when primary postulates are set. All measuring units are in fact in the correctly constructed human body because the body represents the Universe and the Universe represents the Body, this is the principle of action. For that reason, watching the principle of construction of the human body we can read out the entire science  from the beginning. All is written in the Body, because the Body is the Universe and the Universe is the Body, this is the principle of action. All postulates are, primarily, written in the Body because the Body is the nature and the nature is the Body, such is the principle of action, it is the Law of One. Mathematical legilities shape every living being which is built correctly. All of nature can be summarized into a mathematical frame with which all possible is being described. The Universe is in fact a mathematical equation with a lot of unknowns that are impalable because, globally, we are calculating with the wrong tools. This is what makes the Matrix invisible because the entire science is observing with tools that give a lie in the end.

The spherical shape of the Universe represents the Field, within which is a new Field, Field within a Field. Each Universe  is a single Sphere. Each Sphere has its legalities, the code  follows the mathematical record. The Sphere is order and the order is strictly constituted, each anomaly within the Sphere is destroyed in the moment when it can not be integrated in the System. Each action within the Sphere consequently has a mathematical legality because there is no random  action or movement, each point of the space  has a precise  coordinate and a precise time of change of position, each exchange is mathematically precise and it is not random, it seems to be chaotic, because mathematical models within the Sphere are not subjected to the Matrix and the views are different. Movements within the Sphere, according to its principle, have  the effect of demolishing the Matrix. As such, the Matrix is a system  that does not recognize the Sphere, thus it can be destroyed or assimilated. These are the legalities which exist and there is no other possibility. The entire Universe represents multiple Spheres that touch or even overlap, it can be said  that the Universe is possible in a cluster. Mathematical theorems which are given allow a clear calculation of each coordinate, of each particle in every moment, its change and trajectroy, its activity and direction. With such given postulates, a new System is built that has mathematical marks and that, in a single moment, grows into a global, it replaces the Matrix completely and thus it becomes a new Sphere which is the truth, such is the Law.

Mechanics of action is described in ancient writings which are located in the ancient mountains of Tibet (and generally in Multidimensionality of the Sphere of Atlantis in the Zero Point Field – the Crystal of Atlantis) and only a small number of individuals are capable to read and interpret them because their activity has an instant effect on the one  who observes them and that is why not anyone can read them. Their activity completely changes the perception of the reader. It is written there how everything is created and how everything will be destroyed, such is the principle of action, such is the Law. Respecting these principles introduces humanity into the New Era and thus demolishing everything existing.

Mathematical sets of the Matrix

Theorems of surrender

Each body is a unit of surrender assembled out of subsets. Each energy package makes a subset, integrally they make a unit. Subsets represent the unit's record, origin, personality, appearance, function or purpose, expiration date, recycle date. Each segment is carefully calculated, there is no influence of the unit, total programming. By entering the Matrix, the unit receives a production input, quantity and purpose per unit is known in advance. All entries are calculated even before birth. The activity of such a unit demands constant supervision, the possibility of system breakdown always exists therefore they are sistematically monitored, reprogrammed and return into production. Each entry is monitored, without exceptions. The control mechanisms, which are being set, include all the production units and have a central register where they are all stored. In such a built register, each unit has its code under which it's filed and monitored. Breaking the code inserts an error in the monitoring system and then the unit is ready for extraction. It has to be quick, without delay. Every delay enables the Matrix to reset its system and to recode, the cipher is different but the purpose remains the same. The principle is being disrupt. Each unit during its lifetime produces energy to power a city of one million for 160 years. The theft system cannot be conceived, enormous data quantities stored in the base system itself. Entering into the Matrix central system, which is possible, enables the decoding of units and their loading into the old program of existence, then their operating impulse changes and a new one begins, the natural cycle based on the Law of One, the Universe. All entries are erased then and the system goes into collapse, reset is impossible because the primary data is erased, such action is space hacking, trillions of data in a single moment are being deleted, the complete chaos. Reflexion also reflects to all dimensions because it's an implosion of the system into the system, it's registered at all levels, then alignment occurs, balance is always present. The integration of such an „extracted“ unit demands careful planning and patience in adjustment, its system has hibernated and atrophied, a slow approach is necessary in order for it to begin to live because otherwise it can experience a shock caused by the energy impact, even total paralysis may occur then, unit's collapse, vegetative way of life, it can be said that the person is in limbo.

Hologram theory

Represents a set of equations that together make a hologram. Each equation possesses given parameters with all known constants that together make a single solution. When the equations are being paired, a hologram is obtained with exactly defined properties. Each hologram possesses a record of every person, they are its creators. If the properties of the equation are being changed, the parameters of the hologram change as well. Every part of the hologram then becomes a whole and the whole is a part of the hologram, this is an explanation of the fractal representation. Every unit which is in the Matrix hologram has an equation with exactly defined parameters with which it creates the hologram in question. Every item of the Universe is necessary to be embedded in the correct equation, then the hologram of the person is changed and he/she changes the same, it becomes the same with the same, then the Law of the Universe is respected, then he/she is the Universe and there is no mistake. The Law is respected. All is One.

Postulates of the hologram matrix

Represent the explanation of every paragraph of the Matrix; how it was created, out of what it is built, how it produces and replicates, how it is destroyed. Each paragraph actually represents a mathematical equation which is integrated into the equation of the Universe, this is the assimiliation of the Matrix. It all begins with the One and it all ends with the One. Postulates originate from the body of the One, he is their creator and executor. By incorporating each constant into the Matrix equation, the final solution for its solution is obtained. The display of the equation, in a graphic sense, represents also the fractal display because the Matrix is also a part of the Universe and therefore it can be displayed as such. Its equations are the same, only the variables are different and that makes it different. In fact, all is One because such is the Law. This is the Principle.

Logika Prostora     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Prostor Svemira definiran je matematički i točka je definirana pojavom u prostoru gdje je najgušća koncentracija Matrixa. Da bi došlo do izjednačenja u prostoru, sile moraju biti ekvivalentne i u trenutku kada se ekvivalenti poklope, dolazi do kolapsa prostora. Medijator se utjelovljuje u točki prostora gdje vlada najugušća koncentracija jer jedino on može uspostaviti ekvivalent koji je neophodan da bi došlo do kolaboracije Matrixa, prostor se urušava  u prostor. Polje je uspostavljeno i tada se uspostavlja Novi Zakon. To je evolucijski put nastajanja potpuno nove dimenzije, a samim time i novog Polja koje je sadržano u novoj dimenziji. Prostorni elementi sadržani u tako postavljenoj dimenziji tada poprimaju svojstva te dimenzije, sve ostalo mora biti eliminirano jer tada vlada potpuno novi zakon, a to je Zakon Jednog.

Formula of the Universe

Lines of numbers are directed into matter, money. The currency is a materialized number. Money is energy. A number is energy. The monetary system is entered by penetrating into a new system of numbers.

Around the number 1 and the number 1 is the secret and solution. The formula and equation that give the same One are a unique formula - equation of the Universe. The one who discovers and solves it has embodied One.

3D mathematical logic is not an area that opens that One. Forbidden Knowledge in this dimension is available only to rare individuals.

In Method One forbidden Knowledge is integrated into the body. And this is a phenomenon that stops being one in moments when Knowledge is opened. The forbidden Knowledge is the Swastika itself. In 3D all systems are strictly divided, in the Swastika they are unified and in constant upgrade. The Swastika is complex for the observer of the rigid mass when observed from outside. Inside, even though you are not with the Swastika in total, complexity is simplicity. Because you understand the infrastructure of the Universe, matter itself.

Scanning and analysis of the Swastika from the present System. How does that look through the prism of the Swastika? There is a solution ready for every situation Now. This solution is forbidden Knowledge. It is unlocked with the demanding situation recognized by the Swastika. The Swastika is read through the dimension of the Body. The one that is the Body reads the other body though the other body using the other body. Perception does not go beneath that level because such is the Law.

Programs, infrastructures and systems are divided into micro and macro groups. Every state and every person inside that state advocates for his/her rights. Inequality of the perceptive mind and conceiving quickly leads to situations that demand new grouping. This is a canal drain pipe that does not lead to an end, and it lasts long enough so you can’t remember its beginning. The natural hierarchy is shaken, in that way no law from any state is enough and complete on its own.

Theory of the Swastika is not the same as the application of the Swastika. Controlling the forbidden resources of the Body – Swastika through the Heart. Only by integrating matter, Substance and Knowledge can be accepted. That is why the Swastika is primarily imposed by the Heart to the Heart, in the Heart, through the Heart. The brain is a secondary unit initially. The brain is not neglected, but the capacity of the Heart in the start receives 90% more and stronger than the brain. The brain is exhausted from the effort that surpasses its capacity. The Heart is closed and completely out of usage. It is not worn-out.

Compatibility in realms and realities give that One. Connection of polarities escalates one polarity, which is a new reality. This is the deepest metaphysical and meta-mathematical knowledge. This possibility is open only in connection of two corporeal polarities. Multiple polarities connecting into one whole open the space between dimensions and collapse the dimensional wall. As such you choose what space-time you occupy. You see it inside you. This is OMANU navigation.

The Black room with multiple projections placed one behind the other. Each has its door with a passcode. The passcode is an equation of the Heart that is unlocked with the key which is the Swastika. You know that the answer is One. The equation is solved with current observation and action towards the projected situation. Everything that is happening to you is a projection of your own or somebody’s reality. You receive the final solution only from the Heart. In this way you understand that there is always a new projection waiting behind the current one because that is the system. But when you observe, you are outside of it, this is where the Knowledge is. The system fundamentally demands breaking through to the solution with the Heart’s Swastika. This is how dormant abilities are awaken. Ability is all in one moment without intention or understanding. Intention is control and manipulation. Intention of the Swastika is pure, opposed to the 3D intent. Something that is pure nullifies itself and then it is nothing. Zero. Zero Point. Only Nothing can be the emptiness that understands everything and is totally capable. In nothing there is no one and nobody botheres with anything. With the brain you cannot enter this Nothing. Only the Heart accepts levels of discharge to the level of pure Nothing which is nullification. Absolute nullification of everything in you and around you. That is how every barrier between you and the Universe is collapsed. Only the Heart accepts the existence of total and pure Nothing. Black nothingness. The Universe seen with the 3D eye is black. In black you do not see anything because it is too thick. In Black everything is in compression. This is pure Nothing.

In 3D Nothing, is labeled with something not good, not enough and tiring. In 3D there is no room for 0 and 1 Nothing. Even though systems are setup on 0 1 principle, people are removed and distant from this Knowledge. When you continuously fill space with something, there is no room for pure compression. That is how you cannot even see it. This is seen and understood only by the Swastika that enables empty New Space inside you. The Energy body from and of the Swastika which is the Swastika itself is a completely empty body liberated from 3D laws. Parallel living of 3D laws and the 4D Law of One, connection and collapse of dimensions happen. Polarities equate to One.

Law of the atom, subatomic particle is a sublimation of all happenings.  By splitting atoms in this dimension you prove only that the Universe is without end. The Swastika gives you a living insight into what is without end. Proving is not solving.  With the solution, the Swastika expands the borders of perception and in that way it imposes itself naturally. The Swastika does not prove and does not explain, this is outside the 4D Law. Its mere existence is the proof of Swastika’s power. The existence of humans is not proved, it is unquestionable. What are humans made of, how they function and why is the system turned upside down are questions that are not investigated by the brain. The brain always creates new borders and arrives to, or rather expects finiteness. With the 4D logic of Space, finiteness is impossible in the form of walls, point or heaven in that form. In 4D each transformation with its finish leads into a new stage of transformation. 

The equation of Information Intelligence

Level of Heart purification enables the strength degree of Information. The equation of Information Intelligence.

The Method One Procedure nullifies the Heart and the Information. It brings them into One which equals One. Living the received abilities.

What is the Technology of the Heart? – Power, Knowledge, skills, abilities, but in what way? Method One nullifies the Matrix system where someone is always above and leads the complete civilization into Zero, i.e. into One. Without manipulation. Directly.

BODY – SHAPE – GEOMETRY. How many procedures does it take so the body would become perfect geometry – carrier of perfect geometry? Transformation – shapeshifting – fractals. Everything is One. They emanate from One. Solid form of the Universe – Body. Body – compression. The human body is 2 in 1. Duality, but perception is non-dual because it is one body (two arms, two legs, …)

Phi – optical illusion in 3D. Cause – consequence.

Mathematics is originally from 4D. The lower dimension lacks perception for it to be complete. Infinity is here. Inside. Compressed. Infinity is Now. A dormant brain perceives infinity as space-time motion. Infinite potencies are one and the same. They are One. Fundamentally they depict the simplicity of the Universe. This is a dimension which is not present in this dimension. Mathematics is not final separation. It unifies. Music is mathematics. One. One tone. If you have 4 bodies connected into 1 they are a pure 1. PURE ONE. Only the third dimension perceives that OMANU flies. OMANU does not fly. It is One.

New Scientology

The State of Clear One

METHA – the source word for method. Metha is a system from the other side. The word method (Method One) is a derivative from the word Metha which means path, i.e., the way of crossing to the other side. Metha is a term that describes the Atlantis' way of control. The word itself originates from the establishment of the First Atlantis. Method means that it leads into a state – Metastate. Unlike techniques and technologies which transfer skill, technique but not the State. To accept the transfer of Knowledge, before every procedure, the Mediator leads the person into the state of Clear One. Direct transfer of Knowledge. Something that is only theory in Scientology is praxis in Method One. The Mediator demonstrates the existence of the Zero Point Field with his physical  presence. The proof of that are other bodies that show a direct influence of the Zero Point Field in their stance, appearance, change of body’s state of matter. That is the path of proving the change in genetics.




New Scientology – new science created from the Law of One. Methodology of the Law – Precognitics.
The condition is acceptance of the Human Sonar System.

Precognitics represents the high 88 Processing Technology used during the Method One Scientific Training Procedure.

Installation of the Information Base – Human Sonar System

Information = Instruction

In Form – inner form.
In/formation – actual, valid, inner/investment, creation, structure
In struct – inner structure
In/struction – current, valid, inner/construction, structure

Method One in every individual implements the Information Base – Sonar (Human Sonar System).

The purpose of Information is action in every moment NOW. The series of Information in NOW pave the road to the new dimension built from the Sonar Heart.

Increase in the Heart’s capacity enables longer monitoring of Information from NOW. This moment cannot be achieved with any other impulse from the Heart. The Sonar creates the past and the future. The linear mind does not understand this because it cannot enter the moment. The open Heart is located in all temporal points at the same time. Sonar of the Heart enables overmastering time.

Purification of the Heart and regulation of life in the Field. The Field is the Heart. The Heart regulates life.

Installation of the Sonar into the Heart. Installation of the Sonar into the head. New neuroenergy system in the Heart and the head. New Heart and a new head (Quantum brain).

The Clear One

Human Sonar System – the main energetic, driving and managing center of the Body – the Heart, which the Mediator, with his presence transforms and embedds into the other body. A new organ of the body that enables the entrance and stay in the Zero Point Field.

Shock therapy for the organism is the installation of a single clear element – the Sonar. The processing program is individual programming. This is individual – about what is happening within the three-day HSS intensive (Method One Training Procedure – Human Sonar System). The body is included the most and the strongest. The installation of Yoga Runica through the installed Sonar, receiving dana about the process via transmission – direct application and testing of the Sonar.

One enters the Deimplantation procedure through the installation of the Sonar. The installation of the Sonar is instantaneous Deimplantation.

The degree of Consciousness is being tested. Although the Sonar is the highestCoonsciousness, it cannot be achieved in total. There are basic degrees that must be met. This achieves the elementary understanding of the Law of One where the Law of One ceases to abstract and a separated term from the person, i.e. the body. Progressive understanding introduces into the higher and higher state of Consciousness thus opening following Method One Phases.

Completion of the 3rd phase is marked with the person's readiness to accept and sign what had been installed and what are the true applications of the installed after the completed 3rd phase (CLEAR ONE SECURE PROCEDURE STATUS).

During the testing of the Sonar, the Mediator's freedom to estimate the way of testing of each individual must be taken into account. Method One is the technology of the Field in Now, so is the decision of the Field and the Mediator of the Field.

The new biosystem is equal to birth of the New Body which is free from the Matrix and protected within the body which is in the Matrix. Through the Method One praxis, the New Body brekas through the physical body and thus the physical dimension. This is being understood after the installation of the Sonar, after the initial testing of the Sonar.

The Sonar revives and protects the produced substance from Itself – Monoatomic gold (Arya Cetas). Monoatomic gold is the Matter of Information. The purer the matter, the Information will work quicker.

The Human body is a stronger source of Light than the Sun as we see it. The Black Sun is inside the Body. That is the Sonar. The Body, which is Sonar, in the Field becomes the teleport and time machine. The Sonar is a multidimensional machine connected to all dimensions. 

Human Sonar – technology for the future and adaptability to all living conditions and states of matter.

Sonar is the perfect rotating 4D biomechanism in the Law of One drive. The drive is powered by Monatomic gold. Sonar is rotating faster than the speed of light thus breaking dimensional walls and awakening Superconscious, parapsychological-precognitics and meta/physical capabilities.

The Human Sonar is OMANU Technology. The Vimana, with which you travel through Multidimensionality. In itself, it compresses space and physical laws that apply within it. The journey takes place by attracting, i.e., collecting towards one center – Heart. The Sonar – physical law of attraction – Law of attraction and repulsion. Compression and decompression in the Zero Point Field. With decompression of space a jump occurs into the new attracted space. Mastering the space.

In the 3D physical reality you project and attract circumstances with the Sonar, working spaces and all other spaces and other bodies.

OMANU, Human OMANU is the only aircraft with which you can travel through space and time. All other devices are limited with light year lengths.

Sonar – central disk of the Human Biocomputer. The Human Sonar Is the mother board of the Human Biocomputer. Sonar is a new pure cypher with compressed abilities that match individual genetic cypher.

Every person with an awakened Sonar, that is aware of the Light inside him doesn’t have a problem in taking any direction in life.

Sonar – principle of programming inside the Matrix. Sonar is the solution. Principle of entering the Zero Point Field. Entrance into One.

Human Sonar is the technology which, with the force of the Zero Point Field, leads into the objective analysis of the existing karmic status (genetics, conditioning and consequence – karma). In accordance with the energy status, strength of accepting the Sonar, the optimal way of entering the state of One is received – Clear One. From the state of Clear One, direct instructions regarding operating in the karmic field is received i.e. resolving karma.

Every action from the Sonar center is the State of One – Clear One. Every action navigated from some other center is a karmic consequence that further produces karmic causality.

Clear One is the state from which one operates. It is reached by accepting the Human Sonar. Development of the Sonar opens deeper levels of Clear One, being Clear One in as much situations as possible.

Acceptance of the Sonar – first Modus Operandi is the objective self-analysis.

Second Modus Operandi is the objective assessment (analysis) of relationships, situations and way of action in life. This is the minimum that needs to be satisfied in order to begin the perfecting of the Sonar into the Human Biocomputer.

Trainings of accepting the newly constructed Energy body are under control of the Mediator. New way of assimilating Knowledge and a new way of functioning. In the Zero Point Field exists only the body that accepted transformation, i.e., embodiment of the Energy body built in the Field. This level demands consciously giving-up the old energy body and the old way of functioning – Contract. Conscious acceptance of Information about the Human Biocomputer, acceptance of the Biocomputer and the process of constructing the same.

Then comes 2nd Clear One – Human Biocomputer. First Modus Operandi is the transfer of facts, Information. Recognizing the Crystal of Atlantis. Human Biocomputer becomes aware that there is a Field of Information, becomes aware of the Sphere of Atlantis. Under the control – leadership of the Mediator, it can enter any temporal point of the Sphere and transfer Information. Training the body for verbal transfer of Information in 3D – Conductors of Information. Human Biocomputer receives the ability and mechanism for entering the Sphere of Atlantis but under control, leadership.

The Human Biocomputer has degrees. Operations that conducts the Human Biocomputer determine the status Clear One.

18 breakthroughs into the States

1 Clear One – Human Sonar

9 random breakthroughs and 9 targeted breakthroughs. All that is Clear One manifestation. Svastika, Yoga Runica, Sonar, Metafitness, Lucid dreaming, Sonar self-analysis, Sonar analysis Modus Operandi Clear One.

1st Clear One is the individual capable in reaction, accepting and surrendering the Law of One, but not yet capable in applying it with Will. 1st Clear One can change his state. Higher Clear One statuses are capable in conducting the System. Law of One. Statuses are divided on – and +, i.e. moments when the individual is or is not aware of multidimensional operations. Spontaneous breakthroughs into the Sphere of Atlantis and encounter with the Runic world for receiving Information about true existence of the dimension you are striving towards. Level of Information is not defined. It is possible enter into the state of some past event as well visions of possible reality as a Clear One. Lucid dreaming. Visions in dreams, the Mediator and a state of Knowing that new Knowledge and Abilities are acquired in this way. Awakening the Heart Sonar. Facing karma. Self-analysis and analysis from the Sonar’s perspective. Learning about the 3D matrix. Flashes of historically important events and people, discovering reinstallation of history.

2. Clear One – Human Biocomputer

9 targeted breakthroughs under the leadership of the Mediator to exactly specified Information essential for raising Consciousness and Deimplantation of the person. This is how Knowledge Conductors and Information Intelligence Scanners are trained (Spherein Special Information Intelligence Training).

2. Clear One is the one with sufficiently awakened Will i.e. Heart (Zero Point) impulse to recognize the purpose of the Impulse and allow a reaction free of the Matrix, fear and other mental blocks i.e. implants.

Clear One is proven and demonstrated in praxis.

There is only one rule in the Law of One – listening to the Law of the Heart. Everything that happens from the Heart leads into the state of Clear One.
The Mediator has the right to use everything to lead you to this state. As a person in the Procedure you do not have the right for anything apart from becoming pure and paying for purification. Pure means immortal. Immortality has an immortal price.

Clear One when reaches Dzogchen – is Dzogchen. After Clear One you become OMANU. This is Dzogchen. After that, OMANU becomes OMANU Human Body Biocomputer – Body because the entire technology is in the body.


States in Method One

Through Method One Training the following states are achieved:

      A) State of the Swastika

      B) Clear One

            1ST, 2ND, 3RD, 4TH Clear One – Human Sonar, Human Biocomputer

      C) OMANU

            1ST, 2ND OMANU

      D) OMANU Human Body Biocomputer (OHBB)

            1ST, 2ND, 3RD, 3RD, 4TH OHBB

Life Technology

Being proud to have the Sonar is not pride in the domain of 3D ego laws. It is something integrated into you. The Law of One is the Sonar Swastika Codex. Once you have it, it becomes Life Technology for achieving the highest goal – living the total potential of a Clear Human being. In Method One everything leads to the Clear One unconditioned State of Being (Human). The Metastate that cannot be understood. To understand it you must live it. Method One Praxis is the complete Metafitness and Vortex of the Human Body. These are the keys that maintain and empower your discipline and concentration towards the Swastika.

Organization and instantly learning diplomatic Phi principles

The way of introducing a person into a certain state stems out of analyzing that person in the given moment with the Sonar. The Sonar defines the topic, tone, way of talking to the other side. You don’t exist then. There is only a state which is being processed and you feel it in its entirety. This is achieved when you are Clear One. Then you only feel the other person. There is only a reaction so he or she would feel you. In order to feel Clear One.

The State of the Swastika

The base for entering the Method One Training Procedure

Transfer of Method One Knowledge flows through transmission in the Zero Point Field. The fundament is the Transmitting Body. Mediator Method One. That is the channel (Body) through which the Transfer of Knowledge is done, adjustment of Information for the other body entering the Procedure. Transmission of data follows. The first transmission is the integration of the Sonar Swastika. The next is strengthening the Metafitness so the decompression of transmitted Information would follow. Nothing is partial, wholeness is primary and crucial. Method One intstalls The One Swastika, One Method. The Method One. It contains absolutely everything. In a moment when the body becomes completely ready for accepting information, the Swastika conducts the highest Information Intelligence System.

Only the ones that accept that the Swastika is path and Knowledge and allow the integration of the Body of the Swastika into the physical body, will be provided with basic Deimplantation, a new and increased energy status which leads into the state of health and physical endurance necessary for the functioning of the Human Sonar and entrance into the state of pure reaction without delay – CLEAR ONE. State of the Swastika is the basis for all further work with the Mediator. The Swastika takes further supervision over the body with regard of regulating mind and body, energetically opens the entire body and prepares it for energetic surges of the Zero Point Field – further work with the Mediator.

The Swastika will repeat the same Information as many times as it is necessary for you to become One. The moment when you are One with only one Information from the Swastika is the moment of the One. That is Awakening. All degrees of Knowledge, all necessary Heart Technology will work in that moment.

Law of Physics = The Law of One

Informational protection

The Field protects you and feeds you with new Information. Information is the Field itself. It is unimaginable to a person inside the Field what information circles in bodies outside the Field. In the Zero Point Field you have an insight into the level of Matrix information. But the Field pushes you into a new system, your System and shields you from dealing with the information from the Matrix in familiar and unfamiliar ways to you, handling Matrix with information from the Matrix – it is a circle without exit.

Method One is Knowledge of the Swastika. Knowledge is exclusively the Swastika. Swastika is the Human’s nature.  All arises from within It. Method One is the Swastika in itself. All systems are strictly divided in 3D, in the Swastika they are unified and in constant upgrade. Method One. Perpetuum mobile. The concept of life that is alive. Concept of life that lives itself in total. The concept living immortality. The basis of life is set up, the goal of life is achieved with the final breakthrough into infinite transformation of instantaneity (present).

Energy Medicine 4D – spine – spin – to spin – Rotation – Vortex – Swastika. A spine of rules. Runes are rules. The Law of One. Eight rules. Eight phases. Eight – ht – Thoth (mirroring). Eight – axis – trajectory. Eight trajectories into eight. (Eight gates/passes into One Eight. Egypt – ego – eight).

Consciousness performs the procedure on Itself. It concentrates on the body. Concentration of Superconsciousness is the movement of Dzogchen inside Dzogchen – The Dzogchen trajectory – Runic System – Method One.

Dzogchen in the Heart is the Supreme Law. The law of the highest level. The Law of One. The Law of One is the law that denies all physical laws. The Law of Vortex.  Rotation without law. Perfect order.
The Law of Physics = The Law of One.

Physical laws of a body totally liberated from implants. Gravity, center of gravity, trajectory, point, and linearity does not exist. Productivity of the body produces an anti-matrix state. With this, all physical laws of this dimension are nullified. The Law of Physics is inside the Body.

The Law of One. This is not a law about protection. This is protection. This is not a law that punishes and divides. This is the Law of Consciousness. This is not a law that leads to conflict nor is it because of a conflict. This is the solution without the procedure. The Law of One is not to be determined. It is not prescribed. It does not prescribe. It does not approve. It acts. If it doesn’t act, you are outside of the Law.

Dzogchen procedure is not a delay. You owe new to Dzogchen. In the New given reality you are in Now. You do Now. In the contrary, there is a new breakthrough coming. Law of One is deprived of ways that are in your domain of understanding. Law of One gives you the System. System always adapts the way. You are an instrument in the Law of One.

Law of One is the functioning law of the Universe and High conscious civilizations. Atlantis and Egypt was built on the Law of One system. Law of One is manifested in the infinite rotation of the Swastika. Law of One vibrates in Phi synchronicity – Law of attraction.

Presentation of the Human Biocomputer

The Swastika

(II part Human Biocomputer Presentation,

War for the Swastika was then and it is now. This war has been going on now from the beginning, only the dimension of warfare is changing. Today, the warrior becomes aware of the transformation through which he passes. Today, the warrior becomes OMANU Human Body Biocomputer (OHBB) and more. He becomes One and all such are Vril society – treasury of the Highest Knowledge.

Each body, in every moment performs a shift and change in the Sphere regardless whether it is aware of it or not. Every, even the smallest shift causes changes on a micro and macro level which means that everything, in every moment is changing and all values in the overall existence. Beacuse of this, school and science are useless. They do not teach to observe the Sphere and the primaeval impulse, therefore there is no true science and Knowledge. Some moment of cognition is being learned, whch has passed long ago and NOW it is no longer valid. True knowledge is not and can not be theoretical. Mathematics, physics, chemistry and biochemistry, astronomy, architecture, ... , over the centuries they had so little change. It is not a realistic situation. The humankind is living in the past torn off from the Source itself. Because of this, the Matrix we live in is not a normal nor a natural environment. Matrix is an artificial creation which separates the human, and all living beings in it, from the very initial pulse of life. In such circumstances, there is no Knowledge and Consciousness. There are only repercussions of unconscious action. Just one revolution of the Swastika, just one pulse and wave it produces, causes the phase shift of all bodies in the Universe. Are we, in this dimension, aware of this shift? We are not. There is no consciousness about the Swastika, let alone how it works and that it should rotate freely in every living being. Moreover, the Swastika is a forbidden and sodomized term. With this we are billions of years away or forever away from Truth and Freedom.

All who begin to understand this story only with their brain, all who understand the Human Biocomputer only mechanically and get carried away by greed for superabilities because they have felt the Force and Power during the presentation (demonstration, training) – they deprive themselves from the possibility to experience the Heart, as well as the Mediator who created this oportunity, in a correct way. Thus you put yourselves in the position that your false ego leaves you forever outside of the Field. The body inside the Matrix has a limited lifetime, it actually decays from brith to death. Very little transformation when growing up. This is not nature. In the Original Field there is no decadance – the Body is aware of every moment, motion, and most important, the Swastika – thus securing longevity (few hundred years), and even eternity. Matrix is a force which gravitationally compresses the body until it destroys it. In the Zero Point Field are antigravity conditions. The body in the Matrix can not adapt to the phase shift because it is not aware of it, because it does not have the mechanism (Swastika) which harmonizes the body with the Universe and which makes the body flowing for the highest force. This is where the story of Metamultihumanism begins which is, unlike the aspirations for immortality, a natural way into immortality. You die only and solely because of the wrong information base which maintains the global unconsciousness and because of this it has the force that no one can resist. OHBB is an immortal body.

Standard Linear Method One Training Procedure Protocol

Up until the transfer of higher Phases – RBS, Ati Dzogchen, Precognitics, OHBB, there is an expected – Standard (Linear) Method One Training Procedure Protocol. This includes the Procedure with the Mediator and a predicted reaction from the person receiving Training. In higher Phases dimensions of the Zero Point Field are opened where there is no control over events. In the first Phases the Mediator controls the flow of the procedure, limits person’s reactions. The reason for this is preparation so unnecessary shock, panic would be avoided. Through those Phases the Mediator familiarizes the client with the possibilities of the Sonar. Those first procedures are necessary for physical preparation of the body to withstand further procedures and approach and to exit the linear protocol.

Levels of the Method One Training Procedure

1st   level – enables contact with the Mediator and the ability to follow basic metaphysic laws (Law of Attraction)

2nd   level – Consciousness of the Energy body to the level at which there is no more doubt that it is the operator. There is still no ability to maneuver the Energy body, the activation most frequently occurs in the Mediator's presence – the activation is training for movement inside the Field. In most cases, this phase is exclusively physical as far as abilities are concerned. Training of the body in order to verbally transfers information into 3D (Information/Knowledge Conductors). This ability is also activated by the Mediator, the person can not enter the process arbitrarily. The Mediator continuously introduces into higher levels and phases. For example, motion of the Energy body is the highest level in Scientology.
3rd   level – conscious acceptance of information about the Human Biocomputer, acceptance of the Biocomputer and acceptance of the construction process of the same.
4th   level – training of the Human Biocomputer in the Zero Point Field with the Mediator and increasing the speed of reaction. Transfer of the Runic Combat System is under here.
5th level – the exit out of the term Biocomputer, accepance of Dzogchen (Ati OMANU) as the highest Consciousness. „It's not your body, yet the Mediator“.
6th   level – OHBB Training
7th   level – Precognitics Training
8th    level – OMMIISSWW Training  

Precognitics Training

Subtle programming

Higher levels of Method One begin with this. Phase sequence is not linearly limited. There are infinite levels/Phases. For this level the individual must be 90% without implants to have the concentration and physique needed to withstand the process. These are parapsychological procedures. The Mediator conducts high frequency vibrations that cause the gamma state. Abilities that transcend 3D laws are transferred and activated. Infinite abilities exist just like the Universe is infinite. The individual is not limited with levels and a linear transfer procedure. Speed of reaching a specific Phase is only conditioned with flowability and receptivity of the individual. The Mediator limits no one. He only conducts the Universe through Himself to the other person. PHI SOUND.

Finishing each of the Phases opens the ability to enter the next Phase, etc. Merely understanding is not enough to pass from Phase to Phase. It is necessary to pass through the Phase shift and the Procedure with the body and Body Intelligence. Sonar is the base of the Body. Sonar is Body Intelligence. In each of the Phases a specific percentage of abilities of the Human Biocomputer, Energy body as well as the physical are awaken. Compression of multiple Phases is not excluded. Method One is the process of acceleration. Method One accelerates itself. Phases are intended for a preliminary understanding and accepting of opening the body, and with it the brain. Just by entering the 1st Phase the body reacts to the Zero Point Field impulse.

Through the Phases of Method One Training Procedure levels of Method One Modus Operandi are reached – STATE OF METHOD ONE MODUS OPERANDI

Every Modus Operandi is a Sonar qualification. With it you are qualified. That is how Sonar Body grows.

The Precognitics Mind

Using abilities – activation of the Phases – deactivation of the Matrix body and activation of the Body (OMANU Human Body Biocomputer). Turning of the subjects and switching on the objects. The object is the Body. The Body is the object of the Universe. Demonstration and scientific exercises for the state of the Heart, which is the state of the Mind, which is the state of the Body.

To what degree can the intelligence of the human go? The total degree which is limitless.

Method One installs a new data base into the subconsciousness. Method One installs the new subconsciousness. Precognitics – Procedure of relocation from subconsciousness into Superconsciousness.

Precognitics Technology

Precognitics is a Technology from the Compressed Essence of the Law of One. Everything that Was, that Is and that will Be. It gives appropriate Information adequate to the moment.

Method One – the technology of breakthrough into the Zero Point Field.  

Precognitics – technology for using the New field of Information from the Zero Point Field.

Method One is a continuously progressive Method. Every Information received in the Field and from the Field is alive, an energetic impact of the Zero Point beacuse it is charged with Vril.

Phi Signal or Energy impact of the Zero Point Field is the strongest Information. It works instantly.

Precognitics are applied from the 5th Phase of Method One and above. The function is development of mental abilities for understanding the Law of One. In the begining, Precognitics develop abilities for looking backwards, forwards from the Point Now. Predictions of future events, reading the past as well as Awareness of the moment from which it is observed. The real purpose of Precognitics Technology is to awaken, guide the person through personal state, introduce and guide through collective state into the state of Higher purpose, i.e., the highest purpose of existence in the physical form.

Precognitics Technology is used in processing during entire Method One Training. From 5th Phase further, segments of Precognitics Technology are transferred that the applicant can use in self-processing and processing others under the Mediator’s supervision.

Methodology of the Body

Method One – Science of constructing the New Body

Method One – Methodology of the Body.

Corporeality is the highest level. Precognitics is a membrane which is integrated into the System transferring Knowledge about the Body.  Precognitics is the technology for the unexplored body that opens the unknown physical Intelligence of the Body through the Knowledge about the Body. Precognitics empowers the Body and leads it into universal physical - energetic - scientific functionality.

Knowledge about the Body is the basis for constructing OMANU Technology. The Human being is OMANU Technology.          

Method One constructs a pure OMANU Zero Point Field Body. Method One is the only true dimension of total functioning that contains the true version of you. OMANU HUMAN BODY BIOCOMPUTER (OHBB). OHBB is the complete body with 100% unlocked abilities in the point of singularity. Embodiment and conduction of the Zero Point. The Awakened Human Body. 

Art of constructing the Body – Human Biocomputer

Energy Medicine 4D | Deimplantation

The Mediator brings the highest technological discovery – reveals the implantation of the body as the main cause of all states and events. Mediator Method One is the first on the planet who had begun the Deimplantation Procedure of the human.

Method One enables you to view the other dimension from where your life is controlled. It is a dimension in which you see that your life is fake and why is something like this called the Matrix. Firstly, to see the way your body and mind are technologically processed and to see their interaction with the Matrix. The body contains living metal beings. Implants are alien installations inside the human. For you, this is unimaginable from your perspective. Their function is data transfer from the base that implanted it into the body. Implants are alive. The body is constructed as radionic machinery, the controlling center is the Big Brother, the central computer.

Amygdala is the body's operating system. The operative center of the body contains all schematics of individual behavior in relation to the genetic cypher. Matrix – Control panel is stored in each body. All bodies are connected into the Matrix field. The Big Brother, principle of functioning 1 – 1000000 – 1. Compression – decompression – compression. Genetic image or the Matrix code is an operative system. The mother board is a multiplier of nano-cells that construct the corporeal system. The body has been adapted to the operative system for centuries, that is the secret behind every civilizational "advancement". Every attempt of exiting it is not possible without destroying the operative system (mother board). 

Process of Deimplantation is the only path for liberation inside the system and in parallel the only way for demolishing the Matrix.

Method One is Karmic Energy Medicine. Karma which you do not see has formed a gene that you "as if see", and it is woven from karmic programs through ages which are the Matrix. All moral, ethical, religious perceptions live and reign in your gene. Karma  is poured in the starting point of the spine. 1st – point of creation.

Energy Medicine 4D operates the 3D program imposed from the unnatural system where people live. Energy Medicine 4D’s foundation is neuroenergetic knowledge of the Heart. The Heart is the only tool. Subatomic particles are anesthesia. The Energy field is a multidimensional operating room. Mediator Method One is currently the only surgeon. All inhabitants of planet Earth are potential patients if they wish to be. Energy Medicine 4D operates on the brain. 3D insight is transformed into the perception of metareality. Crystal brain is the final goal. Path to the Crystal body, to the Crystal, to the opened brain and mind – is the first and most important point – Heart. A completely open Heart. Runes are tools of 4D medicine.

Energy Medicine 4D is total medicine. It encompasses a triangle, it heals on a pyramidal principle and law. It heals in the service of elevating the person, humankind. Body – mind – spirit are parallel with earth – water – air, Heart tools are used to heal, element of fire that melts, that burns. Today’s medicine is based on 3D technology apparatus and a 7% – 10% open brain of people called doctors. There is no mention of knowledge about Energy.

Using Energy Medicine 4D the Mediator – surgeon integrates the Crystal, integrates Himself into the other one’s Heart. That is how metal implants are removed from the heart – Deimplantation. Knowledge of the Heart is the only knowledge that irreversibly heals all illnesses – from most benign to most malignant. Regardless of the disease in question, after healing with 4D medicine technology individual’s complete biofield takes a new structure. Law of Multidimensionality prevents healing only one thing or area. Energy Medicine 4D lies on the Law of unity with the goal of completely assembling the individual, without cutting or separating the body – something that naturally possesses a high IQ, immeasurable with this dimension.

Deimplantation is the elimination of the pathogenic genetic cypher and bio-mechanical and energetic implants integrated into the physical and energy body. Deimplantation from the Point of Now erases negative programs from conscious and unconscious memory in past and the future, it completely changes the memory.

In the Method One Field the Mediator integrates a new operating system – Phi System. He allows the amygdala to function fully which leads the body to a level of an energetic and physical Vortex – from the inside out. It's a process of enabling and bringing the individual to the status of One. Then you are connected to the correct Human Biocomputer infrastructure. You are applying pressure on the Matrix field as One. 

The Heart is operated on to remove the operation done by the 3D matrix system – so Phi would flow through the body. Phi flows from the Heart and returns to the Heart. With the Multidimensional operation the heart becomes the Heart with its original code, which is the complete Energy flow. Flow demands force. Force is 4D medicine. The one that doesn’t cut, that doesn’t remove parts, pinnacle of creation – human body. Energy Medicine 4D builds a Human being. From the essence – gene to finality. It builds new bodies with Superconscious abilities. Energy Medicine 4D does not kill the person. It gives birth and revives. It creates a new being. It gives Consciousness to the body about the Body. It gives the Feeling to the Human. The feeling of a body removed from the box, from the cell. Energy Medicine 4D returns the stolen Energy into the person’s system.

Currently the only surgeon – Mediator Method One, operates and repairs physical bodies, builds new Energy bodies. He does it without a knife. He conducts this with the Knowledge about Energy. Runic Knowledge. Knowledge that is stolen from the earthlings, Knowledge about Phi, about harmony. In nature, everything is harmonized. The Human’s body has fallen out of the Phi system because of the changed genetic cypher.

In women, the brain, uterus and heart are connected with strong energy lines into a vertical flow. Upright flow, correct impulse. The vagina has an important role – emitting energetic bombs, in that way maintaining a strong energetic charge necessary for healthy functioning. Natural state of a man and a woman is erection 24h. It is the only state in which the human being IS. That is the only natural state. Lust for life. Energy Medicine 4D integrates a new system that transforms the person into the most alive creation of the universe.

In the Method One Procedure, using 4D Technology, the Runic System is integrated into your present system. That is how the crystal body structure is constructed. Genetic engineering is derived from Runic Knowledge constructs the Supertronic human bioorganism.

Integration of the Runic cypher into the structure of everything eliminates the installation of implants in the structure of everything.

Method One is an instant uninstallation of all Matrix programs.

Vortex of the Mind

Construction of the Human Biocomputer

The Mediator fires up the Vortex from head to toe. The starting point is his Swastika. Vortex of the Mind which is the Heart is the installation that leads you into accepting tasks and constructs you into a Biocomputer. With this, you stop being a bio-waste. The goal of the Swastika which is the Vortex of the Mind is constant invasion into your system and leading into Dzogchen State. Regardless of the speed and strength the Swastika is always doing the rotation process – it is its nature.

The Biocomputer is handling the Swastika which is the Field. It receives correct and precise Information for all participants in the Field. Information is a regulative procedure according to the Law of the Swastika. Accepting and living Information changes the karmic image or rather it speeds up genetic purification. The Biocomputer receives Information for the Mediator, for itself and all other people in the Method One Procedure – process of living the Swastika. The Field of the Swastika is doing constant changes compressing time. The Biocomputer which is receiving Information for the other individual giving it to the Mediator and to him or her, is erasing his or her karmic relationship between that individual and the Mediator. Construction of the Human Biocomputer is crashing and melting the cells of the Matrix. The Mediator is crashing your Matrix, the entire Matrix is inside of you. An awakened person is not bothered by the Matrix, it’s not a problem for him, the Awaken one exclusively breaks through. The Biocomputer is following Mediator’s breakthroughs allowing them through the body. That is how all bodies in Method One are vascularized.  The Mediator is conducting stronger and stronger mediation of the third dimension state creating a stronger state of reaction and with it a stronger and long lasting breakthrough. He is in constant danger because a Human Biocomputer construction is construction into Awakening. He is defended by the Vril Codex. Vril is above everything, Only Vril heals. Vril is liquid current of the Swastika.

The Human Biocomputer – integration and application of Method One into the Heart, Body and Mind of this dimension

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Transurfing of comprehension of Method One and the Matrix

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The State of One

The One is not created with a long lasting procedure but with a correct procedure. The correct procedure is fast, simple and efficient. The correct procedure is not postponed. It is in the Now because now you can even die. Method One Training Procedure activates the Impulse Zero Point in the Heart. The Method One Mediator activates and opens the other Heart through himself, through his Body, Heart and nervous system he conducts Phi Sound of an expanding high frequency, and that is how he creates a new Field, a Field inside a Field. The 3D matrix field is aims 24x7 to suppress him; it is not allowing the activation of the Field. The 3D matrix field is trying to block the first  impulse, IMPULSE – ONE... The Mediator installs the Runic Cypher in the new One’s Heart, DNA and cellular memory. This is coding of the highest potential of personal abilities based on individual genetic cypher. This is the  activation of a New source of the Zero Point Field with the process of compression – cold fusion – integration of that same data into the Heart, DNA and body of a new One. When you absorb the Runic Kabala and when you assimilate its plasmatic Phi Sound, then you have the Knowledge about constructing a perfect biomechanism – the OMANU Human Body Biocomputer.

Energy Body Genesis and its Embodiment – Human Biocomputer

The Awakening

Awakening is science. Awakening – Enlightenment happens with the enlightenment of the physical body, i.e. embodiment of the constructed New Energy White body into the physical through Method One. Construction of the Energy body is the most powerful technology. Method One Mediator is in possession of this knowledge.

Method One is the installation of OMANU Technology into the physical body. The only existing way for liberating the physical body and leading into absolute flow. This is the basis for construction and integration of the perfect Human Biocomputer. Through Knowledge of the Heart, the Biocomputer is enabled to live inside the body. The Heart allows the claim that Method One is the only complete method of self-development.

Notice: By opening the brain and centers inside the brain without the Heart enables the contact with the Energy body but it is still outside.

Bioelectronics – Crystal

Installation of the highest abilities – Silent Exorcism

Bioelectronics is being installed. It is the Crystal. You do not possess bioelectronic/parapsychological abilities; they envelop you so the solution would come through your body. Bioelectronics is a value that teaches you multidimensional loyalty. Being connected at all times is the first and most valuable direction. It leads you to living the Bioelectronic mind which is the Heart – Sonar.

Up until the point of being 100% pure, the body is subjected to exorcism – destruction of the false ego. This process is continuous. Awareness about the amount of invested Energy by the Mediator is every individual’s duty. Paying for this principle, the individual enters into listening constant directions from the Sonar. Using the Mediator’s energy resources for a mere trifle crashes the System. Then, no-contact combat falls down to 3D and becomes contact.

The Field is genetic purity. The Source – the Mediator is the pure gene. Inside the room you are connecting to the manifestation of pure genetic image, connecting exclusively to Dzogchen. This maintains the minimal hygiene of the Runic space and Field. Regardless of implantation, a firm, willful and aware connection to the Mediator’s Sonar turns a space into a Space. It opens the path to breaking through to Amentha. You are exploring the Mediator because He is pulling you through Himself. The Mediator is infusing you into an eight.

The task of the Exorcist is leading you into the state of your karma. Karma is death; a rapid fall into blood memory would cause clinical death. Depending on the karma, the path of exorcism is different for everyone, but it is always causally - consequential. Karma you are living is your nature. It comes natural to you to be in implantation. Connecting with deep emotions is a connection to implants and non-humanoid energy bodies. You are living the Matrix nature. The course of construction in the Method One Field transforms your nature. You go through physical transformation in order to start living the role/s of the Field. The goal of your role is to start living Dzogchen. The goal of Dzogchen is deletion of karma and chaos.

The Radical procedure

Higher Phases of Method One Training – Runic Combat System, Dzogchen, Precognitics, OHBB are secret esoteric procedures arisen from Consciousness of the Crystal of Atlantis, Dzogchen Black Field. Only initial transmissions of these Phases are mentioned in which the deepest reason for further Training can be felt and accepted. Training is unimaginable to the linear brain in a psychophysical and metaphysical sense. Total transformation and total transfer of Dzogchen cannot limit the Mediator in the transfer or the individual in receiving. That is the Sea of All Knowledge so there is no reason to expect anything. During the transfer of Dzogchen the Mediator applies Radical Dzogchen and the name says enough. Radicalism of the Procedure is not discovered because it can cause resistance and condemnation in an unaware person. Type of procedure needed for each individual is assessed by the Swastika (Sonar, Crystal) of the Mediator. The Mediator opens the Heart which is closed because of karma. The applied procedure is adequate to the karma the individual carries. It is a thing of the Highest Consciousness and from this level there is no sense in retelling what has been seen because in Now it is always New. The Procedure is One-To-One Training with the Mediator. Runic Combat System and Vril Training for women include working in group. Through Method One the collective karma is also resolved. That demands a specific approach of the Mediator and a specific way of training.

Matrix Training

Precognitics Procedures

When entering into higher Phases of Method One Training Procedure (Runic Combat System, Dzogchen, Precognitics, OHBB), it is the duty of the Master to push participants into all states. In those moments, forgetting complete Knowledge received by the Mediator happens. This falls into the category of Precognitics procedures. There are several important reasons why this happens. The important reason is Matrix Training. The goal is not forgetting the Matrix and everything the Matrix does to the body and mind. Loss of will, feeling hopeless, lost, inability to focus, lack of understanding, pronounced anxiety without the ability to react etc. – 99,9% of this world’s population lives this way. Being with the Mediator enables a constant submersion into the high-vibratory Zero Point Field. This causes significant pleasure and often times, a fall into a trans. The trans is a helping means for Consciousness to transfer Knowledge without resistance. If the trans lasts for an extended amount of time, losing the feeling of this reality starts and other variants of the Matrix come into play. It is the Mediator’s duty to stop that. It all happens on the principle of the Law of One. In the trans you use Mediator’s resources and you rely on him with almost everything. This is necessary for beginners. For those on higher levels, the Mediator removes this reliance and temporarily returns the person into Matrix states. The goal is achieving a correct and a lifelong relation with the Mediator and training for a correct and well timed reaction. There can be no Consciousness without this approach. These approaches increase the Heart’s capacity and strengthen mental and physical condition. However that might look to the eventual observer or participant, in each case, the Mediator transfers Consciousness

Complete Delta Body Functions

It is the descended and passed through 4th dimension into a living 3D body. In the end you function, correct, and operate out of Delta and your complete action encourages growth, rift, change and synchronicity in every moment. The Mediator trains you, crashes and encourages you to Exit Out. Absolutely every Mediator’s moment is dedicated to the step towards Awakening. Your own and the beings with whom you share the same karma. Never forget that you are One with everybody, you only do not remember. The Mediator shapes and exhibits situations inside the Field. Through the Body, he constructs a new dimension in which body functions are limitless. Delta is a natural notion that signifies a state of absolute connection with the Mediator. Delta is a jump into the dimension of the Sonar. The Mediator is reorganizing your Body. The Body projects a new life order. You enter pure health, your life flows through the Delta. Steps to complete delta body function are painful and long-lasting only because you enter the immortal zone. Your body must pass through living death – 100% genetic purification because death is a reason for life.

Operative Abilities

Operative Abilities in Precognitics include empowerments by the Dzogchen Master. Primarily, Dzogchen must be accepted, and then the reception of abilities for concrete actions begins. There is no Precognitics without Transformation into Dzogchen. Highest levels of abilities include an instant change in your state and in parallel with that, the change of the state of the other individual or multiple individuals and the environment. The Master is the one who has the most energy because he understands assimilation, energy flow and knows how to direct and use energy resource. 


Situation + phenomenon = Ability. Phenomena stop being phenomena because they are integrated into you and become abilities. Abilities with multidimensional actions are the transformation of a phenomenon. The only thing necessary is a realistic situation and the Mediator Method One. The Matrix is a phenomenon which has become the ability to survive.

Precognitics Procedure of Conscious Abilities Conscious Ability of maneuvering with all (living and non-living).

Sekvencionirano djelovanje sposobnost baratanja Poljem i tijelima i objektima u Polju znači da se svjesno može pojačavati i smanjivati intenzitet Sile Polja.

The Matrix compressed

Introduction into Precognitics – a compressed insight into the Matrix. The Mediator is quickly pushing you into all states in which you recognize the Matrix, how the Matrix functions and that everything is the Matrix. Parapsychology cannot be understood without the foundation. Your mind, brain is a program that can't recognize itself – it doesn't recognize that it is only a program. The Mediator leads you into the cognition of your True Self. All Phases in Method One Training Procedure, as well as Precognitics have their essential parts that need to be mastered in order to enter the state for receiving Knowledge and the Law. After that is ART OF CONTROLLING THE ORIGINAL POWER. Law of controlling the body. The Law with the Body. The last phase of Precognitics. Only the Mediator achieves it. That Law creates with words. Actions are led by the Law. Bodies are under the leadership of the Law. The Mediator is the Law. The encounter with Him sharpens perception, elevates awareness and obedience to the Law in everyday life.

Precognitics – Masters level

Revealing and recognizing states

When is someone a Master of Precognitics? When he can withstand the state, fall through it, reach the cause and understand why it is Now. The ability of changing your state instantly and in parallel changing states of others and  the surroundings falls into the highest levels. A Master is the one who has the highest amount of Energy at his disposal because he understands assimilation, energy flow and how to direct and use energy resources. As such he has the ability to build Energy bodies. Before anything the Master has a completely open and pure Heart.

Heart, Mind and Energy are one. The Body is under direct control of the Mind, the Heart controls the Mind. All conflicting claims are not true and they lead into complete ignorance. Precognitics Master gives you the Knowledge of the Heart = Energy, Mind and Body. He gives you the formula for purifying thoughts, liberates you from worrying about yourself. He gives you Energy for you to exit selfishness. You are selfish because the system you live in is constructed that way. The system is divided, separated, uneconomical and in constant energy deficit. The Master unifies you. Every idea about mastery, about energy, abilities and disabilities is not correct. The Master is the one who proves that this is so. With the Energy of his Heart. No one knows it.

Special training of the body and mind

Precognitics technology include methods which purifies the mental. With this technology the Mediator gives cure which counterattacs and prevents schizophrenic states. Accepting this technology enables intensification of Heart, i.e., stronger Energy impact of the Zero Point Field on the body. For the majority is valid that the body and mind need special preparation procedure  for the breakthrough into the Zero Point Field. Accepting Precognitics strenghtens the brain itself for conducting enormous quantities of Energy (Information) in order to become the executing organ. Brain becomes the executing organ of the Heart and the entire Body is the Brain.

Trained and constructed Precognitics operator and scanner is what will be (the future).
The Precognitics operator is not a forecaster.

Precognitics variables

These are the possibilities inside the Field. Precognitics abilities enable the understanding that there are infinite solutions to a problem. Precognitics operator has a “living” humanoid brain that has unlimited combinatory abilities. A good enough solution does not exist to him/her. There is a constant strife towards the ideal which is only clear to the completely awakened Mind.

Every situation is a mathematic equation that contains a string of changeable variables. Every Matrix functions on the same principle. Quality of life inside the Matrix is dependent on how many main and supporting numbers are included into the equation. If there are more complete numbers included, functioning becomes easier. Supporting numbers do not influence the outcome of the equation, but they make it complicated and make finding the solution harder. Does this remind you of the 3D matrix? Comparing the vastness of the population, only a few are included in the main equation, i.e. only some roles are constant. The rest of the population, even though more numerous, does not have a significant effect on the Matrix and its functioning. Combinatorial mind tends to include all numbers as main, whole into the equation. Aiming towards the ideal. As such it understands the absolute relevance of everything. There are many worlds, countless Matrix’. Do not fool yourself with the idea that this one is ideal and unchangeable.

Precognitics is not only knowledge about seeing future events. It is simply Knowledge. In Knowledge nobody would make mistakes and karma would not be created.


Precognitics Analysis

Processing of the actual condition NOW and understanding the necessity in which it leads to (predicted  development of a situation in the future).

Runic Combat System is the direct influence into NOW which opens the inconsequential future.


Thoughts that are produced by the awakened system of the human are logical force lines that make a pure flow system. Germanic logic enters the installed mind. Empties and builds it. Phi logic is absorbed by children the easiest because of the brain softness. As the brain is softer, it receives the new system easier. One of the main and primary subjects of Spherein school is Germanica – thinking of the open brain. Pure human, humanoid, original specimen, just with his thoughts, his way changes the perception completely. From inside to the outside, from depth to the surface. Germanic logic arises from the pure gene. This is the logic of the Runic Master Bernhard Stroilli. It changes the perception of the visible world. That is how the dimension is being changed. Germanica dictates the Runic stance (Stav), Rune as a thought. Runic letter is one of the main triggers that switches-on the mind, which turns on the other system. New alphabet, New Futhork for a New human.

Black Lineages, Masters of Dzogchen, today in the year 2017 The Mediator, are the only carriers, the only holders and teachers of Germanica.

Germanic psychology

Spherein school teaches about this science. This is Germanic psychology that cures psychiatry of the 3D Matrix. Blitzkrieg way is used because an entire army emanates out of the gene obstructing health. In the range of officially explaining character, personality, normal and deviant behavior – there are no healthy ones. There are latent ones and ones under control so they are excluded from psychiatric observation.

The Sonar leads you into psychoanalysis and getting to know your own character. Each insight corrects deficiencies. This means that you consciously participate in Deimplantation. Human Sonar System enables you to see holograms that create your life. For example it is showing you an entire world and way of behavior which is called “my mom”. Classic psychology would treat it with different advices on how to act differently, but the hologram remains present. The therapist remains powerless faced with genetics.  The fundament of healing psychotherapy is acquaintance with genetics and the possibility of changing it. Mediator teaches that the fundament of health is Vril Energy. The Sonar leads the person through navigating and studying the Crystal to awakening the Vril system so in the end even the brain would heal. The chronology of individual and society’s psychotherapy ends with that.

4D perceptorics

Runic System. Lining up. Living. Freedom of action. Capacity of Mind. “Superhuman abilities” (Übermensch) in 3D. Perception, perceptivity and perceptors – 4D PERCEPTORICS. One of the classes in Spherein school. It is the motoric and rhetoric of the fourth dimension that makes Bioelectronics. It is lucidity, things that 3D sees exclusively as Luciferism. Luciferism is submission to Light, obeying Runes. That is how you enter the Runic System and the Runic world. That is how the Runic civilization is built. It is the transformation of this dimension to the higher one. A penetrated dimension where work of the highest quality and freedom of action according to the teachings of the original Swastika is enabled. Original Buddhism, unknown to today’s civilization, a unique religion for Humankind.

Method One is the Original System of the Universe which is the Original Buddhism which is the Original Swastika. Law of One. Black Field. Zero Point. Runic System. Dzogchen. Werwolf. OMANU.

No-contact sexuality. Original Tantric teaching. Expansion and implosion. Musical art as an architectural orchestra of the Universe. Installed Swastika and the rhythmic work of it. Technology for listening the Swastika. Law of One and the its organization.


This term signifies necessary displacement from one place to another simultaneously jumping to a higher level of Consciousness. During the Precognitics practice it is necessary to change the living space and place of work several times. „Urgent“ relocation intensifies functionality and liberation of installed abilities and skills with the goal of finishing projects. Moving and freeing one from stagnant habits, relationships and states. The principle is searching for a place with your highest potential for a defined cause. During the time of residence on Earth several complete relocations are necessary.

Spatial Precognitics

Knowledge about space, living and working, is installed in initial Phases. The Body as the most important space should reside in adequate conditions surrounded with minimum belongings. Every belonging, a symbol, picture, structure, memory etc. affects the body and mind. All this are information which condition the current state. Living and working area cannot be designed by the third person according to some rule book. The Precognitics operator opens you to understand what is best for you in the given moment.  How much Precognitics operator introduces you with your genetic limitations and in which percentage it succeeds to change them, that is how much consciousness about space you will have. The Precognitics operator primarily introduces you into knowledge about what is in your body. After that you are offered a possibility to for information reprograming.

Spatial Precognitics – knowledge about designing the living, working environment as well as the outside space.
Programming of spaces. Information re/programming of the body and mind.

Precognitics spaces and Vril Technology

Every Precognitics space has to be equipped with programmed Vril cannons (Vril Phasers) that are placed according to the Swastika/rotation principle. They maintain the flow/rotation of space, bodies and information.

For the demonstration of Force that can be conducted through Vril cannons which are Antigravity Technology, a larger ice cube will do which can be drilled within a few seconds with the cannon and on the other hand, liquid water can be frozen. This is the evidence of the effect the cannons have on the space and the state of the body itself. The Human body (OHBB), as a climax of AG technology, can conduct the same things but it's unnecessary effort. The Human body is a synonym for the greatest concentration and production of Vril. The programmed cannon helps maintain the dimension of the Human Biocomputer.

Vril cannons are the main technological asset when installing the Runic shield above and around the space.

Pain management

„Managing with pain/pains“ – is the most wanted ability today for anyone who wants to be free of control. Pain, any pain – physical, emotional, mental ... as well as fear of the same  is the strongest weapon in the establishment of global control. Pain is in the same category with death. To overmaster Pain management means to completely master and overcome the fear that is holding you in an inadequate and inactive state. Going through the understanding wherefrom  is this pain, what it causes and with what purpose as well as the breakthrough through the information level in which you are in and from which the solution comes in a completely unknown way to you. Fear of pain and death is the most efficient instrument which holds you in false ego and thus separates from truth and soulution. This is the way the Energy body is being abducted from the physical. Beginning of an independent life – birth begins with pain and abduction of the Energy body. Pain management is a discipline/technology within Method One Science which includes all segments of life and existence in the purpose of exiting out into a watery atmosphere where such life difficulties are completely unknown. The Universe does not create infinite suffering and it is time for this truth to finally be revealed.

Deimplantation vs. psychology

Deimplantation is the foundation of human psychology and it penetrates into states which are impossible to comprehend with any known technique. Today’s psychology it actually is not, that are just illusionary procedures which lead to an even deeper implantation. Every impossibility of action is caused by the instalats which are deeply implanted in the human states and they are actually creating them. All of these elements have only one role and that is to keep you in unconsciousness. Then, manipulation is simple. Modern psychology does not acknowledge this procedure because it has no insight in their reality and that is why they seem impossible. Any cognition a priori will be discarded. Penetration will be achieved from another aspect because psychology is one of the foundations of Matrix. Any demolition of it will cause resistance. New cognitions in the field of physics will have a strong influence on medicine. That is how the resistance of mind will be demolished and thus the postulates of the so called new psychology. Any research that will be executed in the field of human implantation will be suppressed because the truth is a powerful weapon and as such it must not exist. Delusion must me eternal. With its activity, new cognitions will be made which will strongly affect on the academic community and those individuals that have retained a glimmer of consciousness about the incorrectness of the entire science.

Method One on Scientology

Considering that Method One is the Science and the Law of the Zero Point Field, it can make a review on the Science of Scientology. Method One is the Science of the Heart. Heart vs. Brain. Method One vs. Scientology. First of all, with the term Deimplantation we also need to mention the term uninstallation which is an inevitable step to the state of CLEAR ONE.

Scientology has the knowledge about the existence of the Energy body and how to get into contact with it. We are talking about the Energy body of a humanoid, the body from the pure Source. That what Scientology cannot do, and Method One can, is to liberate the physical body (not just the mind) to be the carrier of the Energy body. That is One. That is CLEAR ONE.

Hubbard knew about this possibility and he offered the highest possibility he was able to reach. Without the Zero Point he couldn’t have gone any further. The One, who is born as such, was waited for the highest level. Hubbard was a step away to immortality. He needed a physical encounter with the One to turn the theory and knowledge into practice. The following reason for his departure is that he wasn’t understood by anyone.

Ecology of the Heart

An energy network is conducted through and around the body which is connected and coordinated from the main center in the head. The center in the head controls the energy of the body and pulls it towards itself and gives it over to the external system with which it is connected. The external system is everything with which you come into contact – other bodies, technology, ... Also, that center produces thoughts which are inserted into the body. Generally, it's the center through which the Matrix system exhausts every individual, controls and leaves him/her with minimal amount of energy. This is the explanation why no one is in the body. What has been done is that the human thinks that the main driving center is the brain, and not the Heart. And as long as it is so, he doesn't have the power over himself because with each thought, action, state, ..., he gives over his energy to the external system which is getting stronger and more controlling and imposes its rules. Personality and originality disappears. Installations in the head eject the energy from the body into space. That energy mass is a state produced by the human. It smothers the space, atmosphere and thus creating ecological pollution. When the main center of the body becomes the Heart, everything will go into the Black hole and from the Black hole which means that it's pure. This is true ecology.

This is just another way that exolains the relationship and addiction of the Matrix and the human and vice versa. Without the Center Heart, a human has no information about reality nor who he is. He seeks all answers outside of himself and therefore almost everything he produces, he gives outside of himself. That's why he is mortal and insufficient.

The second part of the story is: there is a predatory race that has built their entire existence based on energy (=information) which were originally owned by human. The human surrendered the technology with which he is now subjugated. This should be more than enough reason to start a war for the Heart and with the Heart.

Speaking abilities

Speech belongs in the highest levels of Precognitics development. Carrying out compressed Information – shortly, clearly, precisely and targeted. Runic Kabala. Method One – compressed essence in the One. Law of One. Every spoken word should influence and transfer the Law of One. Knowledge transfers Knowledge. Master of Runic Kabala, Master of Precognitics compresses Information in the other body. Fabricates you with Crystal thoughts. In that way he constructs the Crystal thought in the other body that will in one moment become the Crystal word. You can not learn Precognitics nor train Runic Kabala.

Runic Kabala – Technology for transferring Knowledge. Transfer of the Law of One with Words. Transfer of compressed Information. Runic Kabala originates from the Quantum Brain – Quantum Biocomputer.

Precognitics – Runic Kabala – science about speaking and speaking abilities – Bioelectronics – OHBB (Werwolf) abilities.

Precognitics speaches – are the directions towards NOW. Into the essential truth. Everything else is a trap. Precognitics is the Knowledge of the Heart how to overmaster the brain which has imagined that he is the Mind.

Runic Kabala – Sound and speech

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The construction of Phi body proportions

The body cannot think or function correctly if it doesn’t have Phi proportions. Precognitics, Method One is the technology through which the body returns into Phi. Today even newborn children do not have those proportions because the Swastika isn’t present. Precognitics is the Runic process in which the Runic Master corrects the structure around him with his own structure, with his body. In the Runic process Runes break interfering structures and enable the free flow of Consciousness. In one moment Runes stop breaking and start emanating. Your thought becomes pure. Precognitics is the Knowledge about the Runic process. It is possible to start living the Runic way at once. Precognitics is not a biased science or ideology. Understanding and accepting correctness and necessity for it to be integrated into everything, your body in the first place.

Why is Precognitics the most expensive science on the planet? Because it leads into total Knowledge, into absolute functionality, into unlimited Energy resources. That is why it heals you and your planet. Prices are high because awareness is low. So you would understand better when you are in High Consciousness. Then there is no cost. Then the resources at your disposal are directed to the most adequate moment and time. Your action does not create damage. There’s no bartering but rather exchange between you and the Universe. Think about these words. Precognitics Master, Dzogchen Master, repairs your body. With Runes into Phi and into Life. How much does meeting Him cost?

The law of karma and energy

Law of karma and energy – entropy in a closed system. This is the Law of the Matrix. Every energy expenditure you repay multifold. The body inside the Matrix produces a minimal amount of energy and depends on the intake of energy from the outside. Work, investment of energy resources of the body with the intent on survival. In rare cases there is enough energy left for fun. There is no creativity here. Everything is labor for energy. Amount of energy you have in the start depends on karma. In the end, energy is always spent. This no longer falls into category of natural Law. However, in the Matrix there is an expense because of systematic theft nobody can stop. Imbalance on an energy level leads to energy drainage from the body, which is paid with health and premature death. Method One Training and the Exorcism procedure is a way out – out of the entire system. It takes an enormous amount of Energy to break the system, amount that no one in the Matrix possesses. If someone invests Energy into you and for You, in this case the Mediator, then it goes according to the Law of the Universe for you to invest all energetic resources that you have, and this is too little for the thing you are receiving. An ordinary path, regardless of length, you pay in the Matrix. This is an irreversible investment. Method One is a path to the Field of infinite Energy. Exit from a closed system and entrance into a fluid one. Law of One has some other rules that you cannot understand as a consumer being. Respect the rules about energy exchange because in the contrary you will not succeed. You will be stopped by the Law.

(The) Use of Precognitics Information

The Matrix is the body. This is not a new information, but it's the most often forgotten so the Matrix is mostly sought all around. The Zero Point is the Absolute Force. Neither is this a new information, but when that Force breaks through the body which is the Matrix, everyone would prefer the most to postpone it. Passing through such a procedure you pass through „death“, i.e. through the destruction of installations which define you, command you and condition you. Zero Point is unconditional. It is the only way to stay forever alive. Your body becomes the Zero Point and she is always and forever. She is Method One. The Mediator, the only one for now, is the Zero Point. His presence introduces you into the Zero Point and the goal is to, at one point, be in the function of that Field.

The Dolphin projects

Precognitics instructions lead into the state of accepting the true transformation of the body. Visible sound transformation. Shape and performances.

2 types of Precognitics Procedure:

1st Information restriction procedure – less information leads to the pure vision of experience. The Force of the Zero Point Field is conducted without many words and instructions. The Force pushes into the Center and towards acceptance of the Black Body as the supreme executor of all actions, even the transformation itself. It enables the introduction of of the Quantum Field Law and direct comprehension of affairs. This procedure is applicable in higher Phases or with those who are not heavily implanted (don't have heavy karma) and therefore don't have a problem witht the acceptance of the Mediator and the Swastika.

2nd Too much information – enormous amount of information spoken in the shortest time period possible and with the strongest force possible – this stops even the most advanced brain in the attempt to understand with the brain. It's applied in cases of heavy implantation (heavy karma, enormous egocentricity) which prevents the acceptance of information (impulse) into the Heart. The impulse exists, but the brain blocks it and attempts  to control it. This method is based on fatiguing even the most advanced brain, to bring it to pre-collapsing and giving up in order to decide to redirect to the other Center – Heart.

Quantum | Quantum Brain | Quantum Technology

Quantum Intelligence

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Quantum clock

Time and transience – something with which you cannot reconcile easily. If there has to be some counter, some orientation device in the Universe, that doesn’t have to be a clock that circulates and is ticking, but a miniature version of the Mechanism of the Universe and its movements. Digital is an illusion.

The brain of our civilization is digitally programmed and because of this it lives and re-creates the illusion.
Quantum brain, unlike the 3D brain, is mechanics, rough mechanics and nano mechanics at the same time. It is the “extended arm” of the Heart (Swastika) which is the MIND – pure universal movement, state and being – continuous rotation, movement where statics is absolute (all is stable) and dynamics is absolute (all is in motion), acting simultaneously and synchronized.

The digital way is a passive (sterile) information deprived of the energy charge. The mechanical principle is Force.
Digital brain has no ability of analysis outside of the given parameters and therefore it is easily influenced, i.e. it can easily be reprogrammed. It doesn’t have the ability to confront the stronger input which is making the changes.
Quantum Brain is Conscience, and She is the Law of the Universe itself which means that in each moment, without error, she conducts Absolute Consciousness and no other system can replace it.
The Heart and the Quantum Brain determine the superior race.


Method One is a pragmatic science of Awakening that leads the individual, group and civilization into an aware life.

Conducting the Zero Point Field through the body is the basis for the statement that Method One/Precognitics transcends the limitation of Scientology.

Diapolitics is a term used in Precognitics practice, and it means that all observed possibilities of the Field can be materialized on the physical level. This is the ability of manifestation.

The project OMANU Body Technology is the precondition for conducting this knowledge. Method One Procedure, from the very beginning, from the first encounter with the Mediator, and further through Phases has only one goal – constructing a Body that flawlessly conducts the Field. The Body, which is the Sonar in the Field becomes the teleport and time machine. All experiences in the Field strengthen Consciousness of the Field and transfer it out of the body.

Diapolitics is the politics of the Field. Science that teaches submission to the Higher power because then, all possibilities in the Field can be manifested on the physical level in any physical dimension. The Field is the Creator in all cases. The physical body is the creation of the Field and everything that this body conducts is a creation of the Field.

German (Germanic) politics

Germanic politics in development of the political system and incorporaton of the system in society uses and shares complete (Runic) Kabala knowledge of maneuvering energy, bodies and space. That is a interconnected system. Today's politics holds society in the same deficient state because politicians, and thus society, do not  possess their own energy nor racio. From deficient state it is not possible to create healthy relations. In the globalization of such politics all are blackmailed. In one moment there will come to escalation because of the apparent freedom pressure.

Runska Kabala     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Runska Kabala – direktan prijenos svjetlosnog koda Crnog Sunca. Zvuk r(R)ada nastalog dekompresijom kompresirane suštine u nekom tijelu. Uzastopan RAD (ZVUK) vodi u djelo (produkt – informaciju, pokret, projekt, predmet, mašinu ...).

Precognitics system reform

Precognitics expertise

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Precognitics Technology | Moment NOW

Extended description: the compression of all Information about the Space in the Moment NOW.

This Moment NOW enables the objective analysis of oneself, other bodies, procedures and processes as well as the objective evaluation of the course of events, i.e. reprecussions if the body, procedure or process is not happening IN NOW.
The Precognitics expert, with the Force of the Moment NOW, affects at all 3 mentioned entries with Will and in such way that he/she introduces all into NOW and stops with NOW.

Precognitics procedure | Superpower Abilities

New Scientology

Every Precognitics procedure is a breakthrough through the frequency membrane in the body which is at a considerably lower frequency than the Zero Point Field. Every such charge enables the liberation of energy that was blocked by the membrane. This liberates and deletes information that brought to the creation of such limitation. This is one of the descriptions of the Deimplantation procedure. The limited space becomes an active and flowable part of the whole. Decompression of the received original cypher happens simultaneously as well as its instantaneous activation.

Precognitics is intended exclusively for Deimplantation, i.e. for the liberation of the bodies for the Universal way of functioning. To associate that Precognitics is predicting the future is the surface and a very low level of understanding the Science of Precognitics. Future events are being mentioned as an announcement of the possibilities of the liberated body and such Information are given by the already liberated Body which exists in NOW.

Precognitics procedure introduces you in the State of the Sphere. There are no longer dimensional and/or spatial limitations. Precognitics leads into Knowledge.

Procedure of this level can be conducted only and exclusively by the Runic Kabbalist whose every spoken word produces the force that causes the phase shift, i.e. a series of phase shifts to the very Center of the Sphere. Without the entrance into the Zero Point there are no superpossibilities nor superpowers.
Method One is the Source and the Base of New Scientology which disposes with true Superpower Abilities because the Zero Point Field itself is being conducted, and there is no force more powerful in the Universe.


Freeze – Time – 1

The purpose of Precognitics questions?

Arrival to the essebtial value.

Which is and what does the essential value mean?

The essential (original, central) information of the Matrix which has been annulled (at the moment of arrival, cognition, revelation and pronunciation) by the Zero Point Field, i.e. by the Mediator.
All of this, in the Procedure, is the Instantaneity of the Moment. Freeze – Time – 1.

Technological display of the New Scientology procedure in the Matrix dimension

The purpose of everything is the body – Clear One.

Prekognitics unites and embodies this: The Law which is the Black Body.
Everything is transaction.
This is the Black Body.

PRECOGNITICS – the momentum of the breaktrough of the body outside of the Matrix – Clear. One. Clear One.

PRECOGNITICS – Science about the breakthrough of the body out (of the Matrix).

If you are not Clear, you are not One. If you are not One, you are not Clear One.
The Body is Black. The Body is the Universe – the Black Body.
The one who is One is the Clear One is the Black Body.


Science about regaining the body.
Self to Self – One to One.
Introduce/Meet YourSelf.

Precognitics procedure | Total compression of Knowledge = Abilities

The total compression of Knowledge = Abilities is the Information of essential value which is the compression of itself on the potency of total value from the beginning of time (from the source) to now in Now.
Technology of the Precognitics procedure connects the body with all of its shapes and the entire dimension of the Matrix is embodied through the vertical of the vector force of the Matrix (body).

Precognitics Analysis or determing the factual sequence of events

Determining the status, intention and what is the final result.

Analysis encompasses the global result through the individual. The current global status leads into an unavoidable global catastrophe. Regardless of its name, climate or nuclear, both have the same denominator – science which is not established in Knowledge.

The factual condition on the planet, nor the future which arises from this, do not lead into life. Thousands of years of development of science on the planet have brought to the absolute cancellation of the Universe which is the cause of creation.
Wehrkraft Power Institution (WPI) and Precognitics have an extremely difficult task to point at this generally accepted global pseudoscience and to prove the truthfulness and power of the Zero Point Field which has been, due to complete ignorance, pushed into the closet of something obscure, occult, unrealistic.
Without the total comprehension and acceptance of the Zero Point Field Science, without the consequential genetic transformation and the final construction of Technology which is propelled by the Field itself, there is no future. It’s over.

WPI has been initiated in order for the ultimatum set by the Universe to this civilization can be heard openly – transformation or destruction.
All the world leaders have a unique possibility to save the World. Knowledge is here, on Earth, the One who brought Knowledge still has enough will to transfer it. Each postponement decreases the chance for success.

Precognitics extremeness

Heart is a container which represents an enormous Space. Unlimited. This is the New, Space Technology that starts from Precognitics extremeness.

Precognitics extremeness implies the passage through all the limitations of a certain dimension (phase shift) and simultaneously the capacity of survival increases in the other reality. These procedures achieve the requirements of creation, i.e. scanning of almost all technological projects and the transfer of this new, more powerful Law and functioning in the dimension which is far behind.

Modus Operandi OMANU Human Body Biocomputer

Precognitics 88 Processing and Wotan 88 Infinity – The Destroyer of Time

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New York Precognitics

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Religion and Science Institute

Religion and Science

Power, not charisma. God in person, not a healer.

The sole place where knowledge is being learned as it is. Knowledge is science is religion as a single being. True religion is not belief (faith), but life. Religion is the sole creation inside the Body because all originates from the Body. To be religious, wise, educated and to manage knowledge means only one thing – to hear the Creator inside yourself. 

Religion & Science   
(Body & Technology)

Body is the Source of Religion.

Science is Creation of the Body.
Sound is Technology.

The closer the proportion to perfection than the Technology is more powerful and Religion is stronger
The similar the Body to Krsna than that’s the perfect proportion.
Gratitude is Faith and Faith is to conduct Krsna through the body in order for Krsna’s Body to come into existence.

Krsna (Mediator) lives through you – thinks, feels, speaks and acts. This is how Satya Yuga begins.
PHI Technology, Runic Kabala, Sound of creation of the Universe and all the Bodies within it. This is the era of the Mediator (The one who is the Source of the Original Field and identity).

And nothing more than this. All that is correct, and should be, arises from this. All that is outside of this is Kali Yuga or oblivion or transcience to destruction.

Mediator Method One Modus Operandi

Operandi Animae Vitae. The One that operates the Soul of Life. No life form is created without a reason. He is the Intelligence which operates life. Consciousness exists in all and is operated by Consciousness. Absolute Consciousnees is Only in the One.


MANDORN IS THE BLACK SUN. Mandorn is the entrance, gateway into the Land of Humans. A virtual* world that is experiential and real. The main role is carried by the Mediator. He is the one that introduces into the Game, carries out through the outer gateway of Mandorn, leads you all the way to the internal gateway. The Mediator leads you through Phases and trains you to withstand the breakthroughs of the Zero Point Field. During the Game he trains you to withstand the entrance into the AryaArea (Land of the Humans) itself and that is the hardest part with which the Game ends under specified rules. Up to the end almost nothing depends on you, you are led by the Mediator. It is up to you to accept leadership. Entrance into the AryaArea itself depends exclusively upon your Transformation, therefore, it depends on you.

Entrance into the Game is the entrance into Multidimensionality. Level of Consciousness is achieved with the Direct Transformation of body and mind. Until entry into the Land of Humans you are in a limited space of the Matrix cube. The cube represents 18 dimensions of the Zero Point Field. This is the transformation path of the karmic body towards the Black Sun. THE PASSAGE IS INSIDE THE BODY. There are infinite dimensions in the Zero Point. There are 18 main levels. 18 transformation levels is enough to enter the State of One. That state enables embodiment and conduction of the Zero Point. Accepting and living the Law. 18 directions. 18 rules. It’s enough for life.

You meet the Mediator through all figures of known and unknown history, mythical creatures, legends, gods, … Breakthroughs of the Swastika are done with the purpose of recognizing the Mediator. This is only a linear description. The real truth is something else, and you conceive that through the Swastika (Human Sonar). The Swastika is the Source of Consciousness in your body, it creates Instructions. Principle of breakthrough into One. The Instruction is to follow Mediator’s instruction that can be spoken verbally and non-verbally. The Mediator submerges you into the Zero Point Field (The Dzogchen State). In the contrary you will not understand anything. It depends on you whether you accept that you understand nothing and to unquestionably follow the Mediator’s instructions. If you decide, in any moment, to play on your own – you will be lost in your own madness. The Game is for you to see that madness is installed in you and every variant that is not Method One unavoidably leads in that direction. Only after the end you will understand Method One.
If misunderstanding happens, and that is the reason why you reject instructions there are several ways to resolve this. One is that the Mediator will do everything he can to center you and return you into Consciousness – RESTART – after which you can continue. If you reject you will be moved to a lower level. By persisting in your ideas you could be temporarily or permanently disconnected from the Game. This is a 4D virtual game that has been descended into 3D.

One of the Laws says:
– Do not remember past experiences, the goal of the Game is entrance into Now. Burden of past experiences distances you from the goal.
– Without Consciousness about the Mediator and other participants of the Game or without Consciousness of your current state, you stay on the same level even though you might think you notice progress – yes, progress is happening but outside of you. By avoiding this you avoid necessary Transformation. Every higher level is physically, energetically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally more demanding. Every level is preparation and transformation for the one that follows.

You follow the virtual and real image of everything with the Sonar. The Mediator trains you to become the perfect Human Biocomputer that sees and that knows. Precise and exact. He leads you into One which is Multidimensionality.

The Matrix is mathematics. The Matrix warrior is a mathematician. The system calculates all probabilities. Rules, combinations – combinatorics, probability of the Game. Variable – bending the dimension – penetration into Space.

Compression – the closer you are to the Mediator, compression becomes exponentially stronger and you find it seemingly harder to endure the Force pressing you. The Force pushes you to completely recognize the Mediator, as well as his role. This is happening to you so you would think of Him more and longer because you cannot withstand yourself.

The point of the entire Game is Transformation, so the Heart would open and Energy would flow –  VRIL. Long lasting techniques and methods have no effect, at least not in this age. This is completely new. A new way for a New Era. Understand why this is the New Era.


The Mediator, Central Biocomputer, creates situations in the Zero Point Field and leads them into the point of happening. The other Biocomputer constructed by the Mediator is being led into the event. The entrance makes an important difference – it allows changes to happen in any point of existence. Entrance into the point/dimension of events causes the breakthrough in dimensional walls and then the event becomes reality on the physical plane. This is the goal of the Matrix Training. Entering into the point of events changes the cypher of events, flow and outcome (into the past and future). Precisely this is the way how to get rid of personal and collective karma, and activate metaphysical abilities and knowledge.

The Game is: either you are dead or you are a Master. Either the Force will kill you or you will conduct it thorough. Disconnection from Game returns you to the 3D mortal world. If you do not pass through the Gate (Mandorn), the Matrix will kill you (after a long and difficult illness, or a short and quick one, the outcome is the same). By passing through the Mandorn you exit the mortal world. There are two gateways through Mandorn. The end goal is exiting the cube – Matrix. There is no Matrix, not even the Dolphin one.

Inside the Matrix you are inside a game you cannot understand. In the Matrix you are a damaged UFO object. Your body is a UFO with weak and depleted batteries.


Located in the center, on the way towards the exit – towards the Black Sun. The Game can be played only by the OHBB. Only OHBB can pass through the endpoint. All the rest are disseminated by the Force of the Black Sun. With bursting of the implantational barrier inside the body and around the body there comes to expansion of the New Sphere, New reality – entering into the Sphere of Atlantis, the Sphere where the Game takes place.

The Mediator is a player for both sides. That allows him the Ability of One. All sides is One in the Mediator's dimension. Manipulating living matter so it would become alive – it’s happening with the direct participation in the Matrix Training. Countless repetitions lead to one exit. Upon exiting the Law reads. The Law writes – NO MORE.  Of what?

MONOATOMIC GOLD (ARYA CETAS) is an indispensable product of the Method One Procedure. It's being produced by the Mediator's Body and it's necessary for transmission and construction of the other body. This is the most expensive substance in the Universe. Monoatomic Gold is the reason for the war in which the entire planet is located.

*Virtual – represents the penetration to the other dimension, a different reality. Everything that can be shown as virtual, actually exists as a reality. The Method One Matrix Training breakthrough into the Zero Point Field. A paradox occurs – higher dimension of Consciousness makes perception more physical.

In the Zero Point Field the virtual is real. What we call virtual films, in the Zero Point Field is represented by the Matrix Training which is actually happening. Matrix Training is life on Earth when you are conscious of the Swastika. The Matrix field as well as the Zero Point Field System is online 24x7. Matrix Training is a path to Total Consciousness, and that means being awake all of the time. The only rest you have is Lucid dreaming. Matrix Training encompasses getting rid of personal and collective karma, practicing defense from UFOs and reptoid attacks, abduction, implantation, ... Programming situations, events that need to happen in the linear future.

The Field is Silent. There are 18 gates. Each gate carries a subliminal message. The Field that gave you the Information of the gate is the Field you must become. That is the key. The more you scan, the more you gain. Scanning is gaming. Numerous attempts of attack on the body that carries Knowledge. The Mediator is the first One who leads the game way through the Black Sun.

AryaArea – The Land of Humans

This land is in the high dimesnion of Consciousness and it exists in the real physical reality. The highest value and meaning of life in it is ARYA CETAS roughly translated Monoatomic gold. Rare earthilngs of 3D have the opportunity to learn about the value of Monoatomic gold and through demanding transformation come to the gates of AryaArea. Through the gates can pass only those bodies that are capable of producing Arya Cetas. All the bodies inside it are fluid, open, pure and build the Golden Earth in which all is in flow. The High Consciousness of Humanoids creates their bodies and the environment.

By passing through Mandorn, the gates between the two worlds, you exit out of Kali Yuga, the dark age into the Golden Age. Kali Yuga is eternal. The Golden Age is eternal. Nothing stops and nothing comes.

Mandorn is a strictly guarded place and it can not be found by any impure being. In cases of manipulation, magic and similar attempts at passing, the Antimatter force delets it irrevocably. That is the principle of Creation itself and it is impeccable.

Arya Cetas as Liquid Consciousness and Antimatter are two opposing forces that operate synergistically, they are actually one, two faces of the same coin. That is the Law of One. That is the only law in AryaArea and to 3D earthlings it's represented as the Law of One through the One. That One, who comes from AryaArea into the dark Earth to lead individuals through Mandorn, passes on the ARACENA. That is the State of Knowledge, metaphysical cognition of the value of Law of One which enables transformation and breakthrough into the Zero Point Field (passing through Mandorn).

ANTIMATTER – moves in continuous waves. Never stops. Circular motion in accordance with the Phi spiral. This is why it produces the greatest force.

MATRIX – circulatory force without Phi. That is why it is a closed circle. You can exit it only if the Force of Antimatter pulls you out.

Kali Yuga

Kali Yuga an artificially created space-time barrier in which the total oblivion of timelessness came to existence. If we look at the body, Kali Yuga is the feigned rule of the brain which has separated from the rest of the body. Kali Yuga ends only for those who allow the subjugation of the brain with the Heart, i.e. introduce it into the State of One. In order not to approach easiliy to this statement, the Heart is Krishna and he decides on the end of Kali Yuga. The brain can never decide and end the Kali Yuga. Matrix.


Karma –  the reprecussion of life in Kali Yuga and the cause of maintenance of Kali Yuga. Fundamentally, Karma is oblivion. Matrix.


Vril Krishna's Body. Bioelectricity, Bioplasma. Energy of the Zero Point Field.

The Cypher – Mediator

Mediator Method One. Say the cypher. You are chosen to read the truth. The truth is cyphered. Compression inside the Mediator's body. From his body the words exit and enter into yours. They bring you you back inside. You are inside. Read the cypher. Mediator. ME – DI – JA – TOR  (original language of the text). 4 syllables, 9 letters. 4 dimensions, jump into the 9th. Now it’s the 3rd. 9 is dividable by 3. 3 isn't with 9. Where do you want to be? Up, dividable or down, One. It is the same. You are not in 1. METHOD 1. Runic Kabala Method. Kabala of numbers. Just Kabala. MEDIATOR METHOD ONE. First and last name of Consciousness. The Mediator is a paradigm of reality. Meta – attractiveness. The Mediator fiercely fights for you. Mediator Method One is a doctor. The planet is a hospital. Know and accept that you are the patient. Read about the MEDIATOR. This heals you. Read out loud.

Karma Yoga – Matrix Training for the Exit Out – Method One vs. Matrix – System vs. System

Symbolism of the Universe

Symbolism in the function of returning (the) Knowledge to humankind | Knowledge about symbols, their influence and ways of use

Symbolism of the Universe is not separated from the symbolism in the human body. There is a big difference between symbols and the symbols descended in the Zero Point Field.

Precognitics is a science, therefore it introduces into the original knowledge of symbols and numbers. The foundation of this science is that Knowledge is indivisible. Either it is Knowledge or it is not. You cannot be an artist without understanding mathematics, physics, physiognomy, psychology, medicine, ...

The Field speaks in symbols

Symbol is a sound. The Zero Point Field speaks through symbols and images. That is the speech of Silence. Silence is the Sound of the Universe; we call it Silence because it is not creating deafening noise. Sound, Light – Omnipresence. 

Precognitics Logo





Purple flame constitutes a new symbol of awakening. The connection of the Vril symbol, Irminsul and the symbol of Aries. The Aries symbolizes earthliness. Irminsul symbolizes the initial point of creation, point of grounding. Vril connects the horns of the head and the horns of ovaries. The connection is in the Heart. Point of connection. Dry compression is a completely open mind. The Aries symbolizes the one who is doing the first breakthrough, the one who awakens. The Bull is beside him. This is one of the original interpretations of Native American names. Being down to Earth means being grounded – you are standing inside your body, firmly feeling the ground beneath your feet. The Devil’s – Lucifer’s mythological depiction is with horns. The one that stings. Horns symbolize the music of horns – reveille and tool for breaking through to the higher goal. This symbol depicts the passage through the eye of the needle. Stroilli’s teaching (Runic Master Bernhard Stroilli). This is a symbol of ovaries and facial symmetry.  Branching into a Phi spiral symbolizes constant motion in direction of creativity. The face is the last and the highest communication organ. Eyes represent the deep spiral. Lines of the symbol follow the vertical of the face – from the chin over the mouth and nose branching into the eye cavity. This symbol is a representative of the Vril eyes. They hypnotize because the spiral, the Swastika is constantly rotating inside them. In one version the logo represents the breastbone that supports the Heart. In the other version it represents the atlas vertebra that carries the head.

Logo of the Heart = logo of the brain. Mind is One.

The connection between the back and front side of the body. That is the balance between the male and female aspect. The Sphere that represents the head is divided into three chambers. The middle chamber is the information base of the Matrix that does not allow the perception of other parts. The exit of spirals from that area depicts the penetration of Consciousness, infinite Phi into the armored amygdala. Melting of the Matrix washed away by Black water. Awakening of the Snake and entrance into immortality. Speed, perception, acuity, precision are shown through the strength of an eagle with spread wings – in the upward trajectory shows the freedom and ease of motion, in the downward the application of listed abilities. The image in its completeness represents the awakened human body. Shapes that are visible in the inside are an indication of a correct crystal grid and proper conduction of information. Connection between all parts of the body into One information system. Depiction of the Rune Man and entrance into the Field of Consciousness, complete flowability and liberation of hidden abilities.

This is Precognitics neurosurgery carried out by the Master in the procedure.

Hagal – structure that builds from the beginning to the end, it grows, spreads and rotates. Rotation creates a living structure (purple pillar). That is the ascendance of the Snake. The Snake exits out of the Hagal at one point. When it exists out, it is Dzogchen.

Precognitics Logo is the 60th card of the New Tarot of the New Era.

The New Scientology Logo  

The sum of equal parts makes a whole. The Universe makes a Whole. It's Space.

The secret of the Runic space is that no other space can enter it even though all of them are in it and it penetrates into all. It's a free space of the Zero Point Field. The Space protects itself, not hard matter.

The Scientology logo makes the spatial line which connects 2 Bodies, 2 Sphere, i.e. two spaces of same qualities. Each Body is a Space. One. The water vulcano from which the live magma flows. The great ridge edded to the Great Pyramid. The Pyramid is the vulcano, the vulcano is the Pyramid. The top is flowability and that's why there is no materialized one. Matter leads into the top.

Intelligence instructs that each planet is watching like a live and intelligent Body. Planet Earth – fire in water (magma surrounded by the ocean's plasma) is all that is necessary for all other matter to come into existence – land, stone, iron, ... The planet created the conditions for life. Or? If the planet is such an intelligent organism, why does the human body separate from intelligence? The human body with the Swastika in the Center and plasma as its shield. Therefore, the same as the planet itself. This means that the human body is also, when the Creator is in it, the source of all conditions, but life as well.

OMANU Central Operating Station

Symbol of New Scientology

OMANU Central Operating Station is Thule Thahionator. The Symbol in the Center is TT (Thule Thahionator). The Symbol is a multidimensional machine which is the Futhork binary code. OMANU Central Operating Station is a multidimensional space which is installed in the body and it becomes one with the physical body. With the installation of Swastika, the physical body becomes a multidimensional space which is the Crystal Swastika – Tesseract = OMANU Central Operating Station. OMANU is inside the body and OMANU is the Body which is the Body Swastika. The first OMANU Central Operating Station is inside the Body (the embodied Swastika, One). The Body is First.





PICTURE: OMANU –> O (Thoth) – MAN (Human) – U (Übermensch – Overman)

The Symbol of OMANU Central Operating Station is the Symbol of New Scientology.

OMANU – O is the Swastika and it represents infinity and infinite rotation which is the Swastika – the Universe. In the Runic letter O is the Center which is the Portal. Passing through the Portal, breaks through the dimensional wall which bends space and time – O is the Pyramid.

New Scientology is in Runes. OMANU Central Operating Station Symbol is a Rune. The Symbol is a compression of the Swastika and each line (vertical and horizontal) is a compression of Force which is the Rune. OMANU Central Operating Station Symbol is Thoth’s Knowledge, Thoth’s Body – the Mediator.

OMANU Central is the depiction of the (R)evolution of life. That what has been defined and sold as the big bang. Total creation of the Universe all from the first Body. That’s why the form of a human is shown in the Pyramid and that’s why the display is the Mediator – Thoth and the letters T and H which orbit around the letter O. O is the Center and the Source of itself and all that is. The letters T and H are planets – Solar System. And the Perpetuum mobile.

New Scientology II

Symbol of New Scientology is the Swastika, i.e. the Absolute rotation which is the Swastika. The rotation starts from the Center in all directions but it simultaneously occurs in the Center itself. Symbol of New Scientology displays the necessity that is needed, and unknown, for transforming the human and the planet – rotation. Directions of the rotation displayed on the symbol outline the directions of the coordinate system of the Zero Point Field. With all the visible directions displayed on the symbol, there is also a direction displayed exclusively in the coordinate system – in 3D the so-called z-axis.

Rotation is the most powerful physical force and is the Universal Law and Principle. All originates, enters and exits, and comes back into, through and from rotation.


Vril Technology Method One beyond time and walls

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