Vril Energetic Transformative One Medicine (VETOM)

Procedure in the Zero Point Field. Change of aggregate state of the entire body thus changing the information base. Here is the root of all ailment. With Vril Energetic impacts on the body, in controlled conditions of the Zero Point Field, causes the destruction of pathogenic codes and energetic stagnations and clusters. VETO Medicine leads to the state of total health. Such form of work is praxis in cases when some health issue is an obstacle for the direct entrance into the Method One Scientific Training Procedure. VETO Medicine is also possible for those who, for some reason, have not decided yet to enter the Method One Procedure but have a health issue or would want the best possible prevention of health. In this last case it is necessary to mention that the effects of the Field's activity and obtained Vril Energy will last for a certain period with acceptance of necessary changes which are listed to each individual during the procedure of Information Intelligence which is the integral part of VETO Medicine. Everyone is recommended to enter the Method One Training Procedure and to accept the Human Sonar System because in this way you will be trained to maintain the achieved state. Without the Sonar remains the dependence on the Mediator or the licensed Vril Energy Conductor and all obtained Vril Energy in the procedure will be consumed through a certain period of time which means that the retrieval of problems is possible. VETO Medicine aims on the construction of a completely new neuro-energy structure of the body causing a complete transformation of all unwanted states and causes of these states. Entering the Method One Training Procedure enables a permanent transformation and brings to Consciousness the Energy Body, i.e., Vril. Such body is absolutely in flowability and thus it cannot retain any diseased state nor such information. This is Total Medicine.

Energy Medicine 4D – transmission and integration of the cypher of total health (It doesn’t heal, it constructs a New Energy body).

How VETO Medicine works

This is Total Medicine. VETO Medicine is normality. This is what completely lacks today in this robotized world. Normality implies Space – Field in which you are and which is inside of you. This means that it is normal that a body is a free, fluid space, that what is inside is what is outside. If it is healthy on the outside then it is healthy within the boundaries of the body and vice versa. Starting with the cause, which is the body, it is clear that, primarily, it needs to be a pure, fluid and healthy body in order for the environment to be pure and healthy. VETO Medicine is in fact a global ecological project. Sounds simple, but there is one but. There are no healthy bodies on the planet. No matter how medically correct, by universal standards all are severely damaged and of short expiration date. No one, absolutely no one produces a healthy field, the Zero Point Field. This information is extremely important to be accepted with reason as fact, because only then you will be able to understand and then feel what means the pressence of the Mediator on Earth. That Mediator, born, embodied means the source of a healthy Field, the primaeval cause and Law which you have long forgotten and of which you do not have any information and thus it is not important to you, but exactly He is the cause of all life that you know and do not know, as well as yours. There is no deeper cause. There is no further pursuit and diagnostics. What remains is that you stop, hear the truth and decide to accept the Impulse that is sent to you.

Entering the Method One Procedure, VETO Medicine becomes a way of functioning. It is often mentioned to keep your Consciousness on the Mediator, to stay connected, with the Heart, with the Mediator. After the above stated information, there shouldn't be a problem to accept this instruction. The Mediator is the source of a healthy Field and he keeps you inside the sphere of that Field. Everybody and everything else around you that distracts you is usually a reason for falling out of the Sphere of Atlantis and the blockage of flow.

Project VETO Medicine

Project that lives the absolute health. Medicine, in this case, does not mean cure nor curing, Medicine means maintaining life in absolute health and that transcendent well-being. There is no dealing with the cause, there is no treatment of consequences – there is a normal and healthy functioning of organs and the organism in totality which is not separated from the Source. Here is an emphasis on that this is not a project of empowering someone's faith which bypasses facts and the present reality. VETO Medicine is possible in the moment NOW which is reality in the dimension of Heart, in the Zero Point Field.

All 3D diseases, without exception, all disorders in functioning of the body are the consequence of implantation which is the cause of non-flowability of the body with the natural, Original Zero Point Field. The body, as well as every part of the body, each organ vibrates at a certain frequency, the combination of sound and light. Each, so-called, disease, i.e. cause of the disease vibrates on its own frequency. In the end, all food and drinks, everything that we enter into the body and put on it, each object and space has its frequency. Everything is connected. This is what kabbalists know, i.e. those who literally control the masses. In the end, a thought itself produces a frequency that influences on all mentioned. And vice versa. All these information point that every state of illness is literally being installed in the space, i.e. in the body and because of ignorance, in the end it exists in reality. These are the facts that rule the 3D matrix and, in the Matrix, it is impossible to avoid them. The information of the Matrix always exists on all mentioned levels, so the change of thoughts will not significantly influence on the Matrix globally. Maybe it will only temporarily and ostensibly alleviate the symptoms, i.e. postpone to the moment of reharmonization with the Matrix which happens by the principle of higher force.

The Mediator has brought the Knowledge of Original Kabala, Original vibration or more simply said – Healthy Field which is comprehensive and simultaneously effects on all levels. Installation of the Swastika in the Heart opens the potential for development of the Absolute force in relation to the force of the Matrix. With the rotation of the Swastika there comes to deletion of the cypher (frequency) of the Matrix with a parallel reprogramming into the Information Base of the Zero Point Field. The intial impulse, which is continuously repeated, is given by the Mediator's Body which pulsates the Field. His presence is that medium (for that reason He is the Mediator) ruled by space conditions where nothing pathogenic can survive. Pathogenic means everything that endangers and stops life and transformation. This is the end of the quest for immmortality. In the Zero Point Field death, disease and weakness do not exist! These terms are not in the Information Base.

It sounds simple and it is simple, but because of deep ignorance and very low vibration of the Matrix, this is diffcult to understand and even more difficult for the brain to accept. That is why the Heart is being awaken. The brain will have a lot of questions and distrust towards the provided information, it will stand in front of the wall of complete inability to exit from the existing state. Especially when it comes to „health“, i.e., „illness“ around which the most powerful industry of the Matrix is built. Release of such information alone, begins to rock that wall of fear between you, trapped in the Matrix, and the Zero Point Field which is Freedom. VETO Medicine changes the vibration of everything around it, everything that does not vibrate in Phi, with the pressure of the Zero Point Field it is being pushed towards Phi, towards rotation, into transformation. There is no exclusiveness.

VETOM Info Center

Energy Medicine 4D can cure everything. To stop the interpretation of this statement – in order for someone to be cured, here we speak about absolute healing and not about treatment or cicatrize, it’s necessary to change the dimension of life, i.e. to enter and stay in the Zero Point Field. To be able to do so, the Mediator has brought Method One, the installation of the Swastika (Heart, Crystal, Sonar) in the body – he has brought the organ which we are missing by birth. Therefore, after the initial encounter with the Field, the decision on accepting the Swastika and the Heart and further work on strengthening the Swastika (Field) are a certain and most correct way and path of becoming HEALTHY. When the need for the Swastika is understood, that individually – global reason, and when she is accepted into the body, then it doesn’t matter at all in what condition someone came. In general, on the healing path he/she isn’t engaged with diseases and impossibility, but immediately and exclusively with the New life received in the Heart.


Scientific procedure of the Body over the body (but over the energy body of that person on which the Procedure is being conducted).

This is not biological medicine. This is Technology of the Body of the Energy Medicine of the Body (Energy Body).

Where is the antimatter?

Antimatter and matter make the BODY. The manifested and the unmanifested = the Universe. Body is the Universe.

Geneticists will explain a phenotype, genotype, the manifested and the latent. All of this lacks the essence from which all came into existence. Regardless of all the mechanisms that they have discovered, nanotechnology they are studying within the cells, regardless that the gene has been found and analyzed – the whole hasn’t been discovered yet. And it will not be discovered without the Heart. Science arises from that Mind and the 3D brain is in great delusion when after so many millennia thinks that it can come to all by itself. It can’t.

The foundation of Energy Medicine is the Swastika, the Energy Body which came into existence by the rotation of the Swastika. There is no correction. New is being built. The Swastika builds new.

Method One Field in VETO Medicine

The Mediator’s Body creates and transmits Light and Sound of the Zero Point Field, the Original Field. A resonance is being created in contact with another body and the sound becomes an image, from this image a chance is being created, matter is being changed.
MRI is being used nowadays in medicine which is not a harmless procedure for the body. It’s only harmful for the body because: 1st the body is not in total flowability; 2nd only a certain frequency range and radiation is used during MRI which is not strong enough to open the body.
Magnetism occurs in the Method One Field which is being felt as an attractive or repulsive force. The difference is that this force is being produced by the Body (Mediator), not some machine, and the spectrum is complete (both light and sound) which means optimal.
The concept of magnetism should also be understood. Magnetism is sound. A magnet, as an object which is being used for attraction, is in fact a material which in great percentage conducts the Sound of the Universe through itself. The Earth’s magnetic poles are locations where the Sound of the Universe Phi freely penetrates. Sound is the driving force and energy. Materials which will, without resistance, conduct the Sound of the Zero Point Field and the very presence of the Mediator are enough for starting any machine, car, aircraft and all other technology.

VETOM Postupak     Croatian → translate (choose language)

7 pristupnih momenata do nečijeg tijela:
       1. govor/Informacijska Inteligencija
Direktne upute o trenutnom djelovanju i priprema za kretanje po prostoru (maksimalno osviještavanje trenutnog stanja u prostoru)
Svjesna hipnoza – cilj je zaustaviti uvjetovanu reakciju mozga kako bi se moglo koncentrirati na centar Srce; hipnozom se postiže stanje
           budnosti i Supersvijesti, nema transa;
Ciljano beskontaktno djelovanje
Lagani kontakt, potrebna izričita dozvola
Ulazak u vrtnju
Razmjena informacija sa pozicije višeg energetskog statusa nego je bio uoči dolaska – to treba osvjestiti i potencirati dalje

Ovih sedam razina mora biti postignuto da bi postupak mogao krenuti dalje. Sljedeća razina je skeniranje (Scanning) – svatko mora dati svjestan pristanak na postupak skeniranja, što znači da mora postojati adekvatna reakcija Srca i razumijevanje tog impulsa. U tom slučaju može se razumjeti i sam postupak skeniranja i praćenje postupka.

Svi ovi postupci zajedno + skeniranje imaju svrhu značajno promijeniti status s kojim je netko ušao u prostor i zbog kojeg je tražio ovakav postupak.
Tijekom skeniranja određuju se parametri koji su u tom trenutku važni za prevladavanje otpora prema Energiji Srca i Polja. Tijekom toga, ovisno o rezultatu, određuju se eventualni daljni postupci.

Konačan cilj VETOM-a je postizanje stanja “zdravlja prema Runskim standardima” (termin izrekao i objasnio Medijaror) da bi se moglo pristupiti početnim Fazama (Postupcima) Method One.

Jedan dio postupka odnosi se i na Pain Menagement te educiranje o samom uzroku boli, bolesti te kako proći kroz nametnute i naučene standarde i ograničenja, te kako proći kroz bol. Ovdje je obavezno osviještavanje o implantaciji, o postupku Deimplantacije.

Energetic opening of the body

The emphasis is on the center Heart. Precisely here the construction of a new, most powerful muscle and neuroenergy center begins. Today this muscle and this center is completely rudimentary and at a great number of humans it does not even exist. Energy flowability and all the changes which the body needs begin from that center. It is the point of the compressed Force of the Universe.
This Heart literally builds and develops the new body – plasmatic Black Body, which strengthens and grows and, in such way, the existing body is being liberated. Deimplantation is complete when the Black Body is completely embodied.

This is a natural process, liberation which has been awaiting for thousands of years and there is no space nor reason to declare this dangerous and foreign. Everyone is in condition, if one wants, to recognize the original Feeling in oneself and know that everything is all right and according to the natural Law.

This moment of recognition, acceptance and decision to the discipline of the Heart is the first and most important moment in Method One. The rest no one can do alone. Transformation, Substance and the breakthrough through the energy - information and even through the solid physical barriers is being initiated by the Mediator.


Biokinetics – the science of movement and the application of exercise in rehabilitative treatment – special body exercises in controlled conditions of the Zero Point Field.

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Real Time Space Compression

About Energy Medicine and the very meaning and evidence of the same and what is in fact Energy Medicine and Real Time Space Compression

Everything arises from Total Flowability of the body and this is equal and is the embodied and conscious Energy Body which also means the physical body and the Space and absolute management with the body and the Space. Technology and Knowledge is the eternal basis of everything and therefore it is the basis of Medicine as well. Healing is not an option. The only thing that is correct and as such possible as a result is Transformation and/or Manifestation.

Real Time Space Compression is the Compression of the Space in Real Time is Now in Now and it's manifested as the Space of the Zero Point which means the physical and Energy Body and/or manifestation of unmanifested which is also the physical and Energy Body emerged as a compression of the Space of the Energy Body of the Zero Point in a specific form and/or forms.

There are no conditionalities for this. There is only Work, but correct Work in the Space intended for such a purpose.

Art of constructing the Body – Human Biocomputer | Energy Medicine 4D


Biophysics and bioelectronics of the body   




OMANU Bioenergetics

OMANU Bioenergetics is Medicine, i.e. it includes the medical operation of the Zero Point Field which is defined as VETOM. Opening the Center of the body is the first, initial and conclusive, i.e. total achievement and it’s not possible, nor is it possible to perform, outside of the Zero Point Field Law, i.e. outside the Technological Field of the Heart – OMANU Technology.

Technological Field of the Method One Heart – the most powerful Information Base – it is the only data base that can annul and/or reprogram any existing information system including the complete physical body. Annul – anew. From Zero into New. Into the Living.

Crystal DNA – Crystal genetics

Runic Medicine 4D – Clear Scanning Information Intelligence Operating System

Crystal gene/Crystal DNA is the data base of the entire Universe. The Crystal Body is the compression of Information of all the Universe, all worlds, parallel dimensions – past, present and future that exists and is in the Moment Now. Each gene is a separate data base which is in a continuous interaction with all other data bases, genes – continuous verification of existing, change (inclusion of new and deletion of old) and accession to new Information. The Crystal Body is the OMANU Quantum Biocomputer which scans and accepts the purest existing Information in its organism – Clear Scanning Information Intelligence Operating System. Each gene, as an Information base, is protected with a crystal involucre that blocks any attempt of hacking of the 3rd and/or 4th dimension. The Crystal structure is the Humanoid DNA – Crystal DNA.







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