About the Hadron collider | To CERN

Acceleration and collision of particles and, in general, such approach of working and thinking, exploring and proving science will lead you, and this entire world, on a voyage without return in the space-time deviation which you will, as experts, interpret as a black hole while in the real reality you will be, and you will condemn this entire world, to a voyage into the parallel past, to a voyage into ruination in spaces (rooms) and times of the virtual physical reality (which you negate!) called the Matrix – technology of controlling the dimension.

While you accelerate and collide, you are doing a universally potential distortion in the space-time continuum and are opening a hole in space and time for a global shift into the virtuality within the virtual, i.e. you are accelerating the very shift of everything of this dimension into the past.

No one is headed forward, not even you. It's a return ticket.

Science of the Zero Point ( Method One – OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology ) is a direct change (instantaneity of the moment) from now into Now! And this is the difference of the Universe and the Center, you can call it black hole and/or dark matter, in comparison with physical physics of breaking borders of impenetrability of the physical body – you are demolishing the dimension of life!

Potentiality of Capability of the Black Body – Black Space („dark matter“)

Ladies and gentlemen of science and the scientific world.

Knowledge and Science (Informational and Technological) on what is the Black Body (Dark matter) and how it functions is here.

Knowledge is demonstrative and, before everything, applicable. Your analysis of the possible and the impossible is simply humorous, but widely harmful (lengthwise and crosswise) for the entire humankind, through space and time. To decide who deserves any form of title or acknowledgment is the outermost extremeness of trivializing the notion and the way, and all the rest, on what is the Universe and how it functions (lives). A Scientist is the one who truly knows and can, because it is the only correct way, apply and show (demonstrate through practical application) his/her understandings and knowledge and the arrival to all of the before mentioned. A dry observation and extraction of any conclusion, either through elaborate, doctorate, formula, is not and can not be the reality of what is being spoken, written and/or researched.

The reality of the Universe (Dark matter) is pressence of the Universe and the very stay of the body in conditions of the Universe is a sufficient reason for anyone to know and accept how the overall scientific world has no idea on what they are writing, speaking, researching, exploring – being „wise“.

Science and Technology of the Zero Point is the Institute of Science and Technology which is present on the planet and all the necessary discoveries and all Knowledge for demonstartion of everything what the Universe truly is, is in our hands.
If anyone dares to acknowledge such information as a possibility, we can then initiate the beginning of the realization of Technology and demonstration in adequate conditions.

To distinguish the truth from the untruth and at the same time award Nobel prizes for someones trivializing of the immeorial, as much as it sounds or seems smart, is impossible without the direct experience and being in the conditions of the Zero Point itself, i.e. the Universe.

Even all the technology, including CERN's and NASA's, is far inferior in comparison, if it is at all realistic to compare, with the direct knowledge, direct insight and acceptance of the Truth which is the Universe (Dark matter) – Black Body.

Extremeness of the demonstartion is only extreme for those who refuse the possibility and acceptance of the Truth. The Universe is a Force. Something that had begun before itself is the Supreme Intelligence and as such it has to be approached – with respect.

This way, you are being requested to directly partake in enabling the demonstration which will shut all mouths and put a stop to the ages of disinformation and deviate understanding of all sciences.

The Universe is Law. The Universe is Force. Zero Point.

Institute of Science and Technology of the Universe –
OMANU Science and Technology of the Universe


Who decides about the norm which must be met (and what is the norm, if it at all exists) and especially in issuing acknowledgment to someone in sense of the Nobel prize and everything that comes with it? Is it exclusively about someone's liking someone, his/her/their theory or the norm should be exlusive and unique and that's the Truth?
If the answer is the Truth, the question is what is the Truth and how it is being determined?

The Truth ladies and gentlemen, the Truth. The Truth is what is missing in all practice, theories, work and work habits and therefore it is missing in the knowledge of this planet and the humanity.
There is no Knowledge – there is no Truth. It's not the Truth, but how can it be Knowledge an
d furthermore accepted as such?

Moment NOW | To CERN

Dark Matter is not possible to found (perceive) outside of the Zero Point Field’s Sphere (Moment NOW) and the Force of that Moment can only be produced by the Heart. The brain cannot! The brain can eventually be present as an eyewitness and decide to surrender to the Force and nothing more.
Knowledge is not being gained based on errors and assumptions. Knowledge is either embodied or it isn’t.
One can not cognize the Universe if one isn’t the Universe.
The Pyramids have not been built by humanoids who had evolved from a caveman. The Pyramids and that civilization had been built by Humanoids who came with Knowledge and Capabilites, i.e. with the Heart. Descendants of the caveman (or who ever) have destroyed such cultures. In which category do the so-called scientists of today belong? On what grounds do they toy with the Force? How do they justify their technological and other achievements when it is clear that this civilization, which has the main word on Earth, has so far destroyed all the planets of the Solar System? Earth is the last one and it is at its last breath. Maybe this is the reason why we live in persuasion that we are alone in the Universe! The ones who built the Pyramids were not alone.

The only objective fear is from monstrous scientific minds – the ones who presumptuously dared to destroy life in a sadistic manner in order to satisfy their megalomanic appetite for power and knowledge. That’s not natural curiosity. It’s natural to observe, it’s not natural to split. The existing system (from industry, medicine, pharmacy, physics, mathematics, …, everything that is being learned and conduct) has nothing to do with Nature. Horror is not being caused by terrorists, natural disasters – the horror of systematic destruction of life, mutation, degeneration, mosquitoes, illness, decay, global destruction is being produced by SCIENTISTS! “Too smart” brains who as such predators want to make God itself to give them knowledge with which they will then do WHAT? Travel to some other planet which they will then destroy out of pure natural curiosity? They will discover a magical solution to save this planet and proclaim themselves gods on Earth? Some third pathological option?

With Precognitics Analysis, the most propabale scenario has been confirmed. If you don’t put a stop to yourselves voluntarily, the Force of the Universe will rise its defense which will resolve the problem radically and more destructive than all of your inventions.

Scientific Work | Law of Physics of the Universe | To CERN

Rotation of the body and Rotation within the body = Body Superparticle

What was or what is before all? Rotation

As much as you think that it isn’t so, all of your laws are unfounded and in the Universe they do not pass because they do not exist. What makes the Law and gives Legitimacy of the Law is the Body of Law of Physics of the Universe.

The foundation of Law is not physics and its laws that reign over the body. Founded can only be the Body which conducts the Law of Physics through itself out and introduces everything that is from the outside into the same Law. And that’s 1. The Universe is 1.

You are lacking Science about the Body/Space and that’s Corporeality. And that’s the Law. Quantum is unreachable and impossible without the liberated space of the body which has been liberated from the law of physics based on observation of the Universe outside of oneself and generally without any Work (because it’s impossible to exist) of the body in and according to the Principle and Law of the Universe – Rotation. Only then can we begin about the application of the same. 1.     

Deimplantation of the body/space | The Body of Time and Space





Time Travel. Time Lapse. All of the scientific world thinks of time as minutes and seconds. Time is Now – One.

There is no cognition or knowledge about Time and Space. And what about Space as the eternal Black Body called the Universe? Isn’t that Time and Space and Body?
Maybe you have recognized the missing link in your scientific adventures and theories?

As the historians who are trying to decipher the true origin of the Pyramids and the purpose for which they have been built, you also have missed the very same technological and scientific source which is the source of all knowledge which is the same source which has the knowledge and the capability to conduct knowledge and power (force) of Sound with which the Pyramids were built and they stand to this very day.

The Body of Time and Space is the Body of the Universal Law which is the only known Law in the Universe – physical and otherwise. The only thing separating yourselves from the Truth is you and you alone. The moment and momentum of the Moment Now is unimaginable and it is the only Law and therefore the Truth on what is and how the Universe (Black Body) functions and what is its true power.

The beginning of this letter is Deimplantation of the body/space. You have yet to begin to know the true purpose and power of the body which is capable to conduct the Force of the Universe through and from itself. All of the answers are not hidden, yet they are waiting to be heard and acknowledged.

The eternal Black Body (Universe), Time Travel, Time Lapse, Knowledge and Technology of the Universe and most importantly the beginning, which is the Source, is the Body of the Universe itself.

Bernhard Stroilli

Multidimensionality is the Force of concentration of the body (presence) which tears down and opens (with the Force of Sound) the frequency (information) wall of the body and introduces that body or those bodies into the parallel reality.

Time Shift, Time Lapse – factual (objective) state of affairs – information war – hacked dimension of the body (past, present and future) is being leveled (equalized – brought back into the Truth) in Now, but through the physical (body) opening of the Heart. It must be Physics in order to stay.

Cold fusion and fission

Cold fusion is a continuous plasmation process of the Energy body from Antimatter. The Energy body builds the physical body as well as all the objects in the Universe. It is a dance of the Swastika – Perpetuum mobile. A continuous flow of creation and movement of pure Energy. Cold fusion and fission are natural phenomena in the silent nuclear procedure of the Zero Point Field. There is no need, moreover it is destructive for the entire Universe, to simulate cold fusion and, in such a way of splitting, to release energy. This is a message to scientists that they do not understand anything, they do not understand the simultaneity of compression and decompression and the consequences of their conclusions. They catch only one moment. Putting the reactor into operation disrupts the stability of the Universe. By the Law of antimatter and matter, each element is built out of Monatomic gold and therefore it is pure Energy. Dissociation of only one element or a compound creates imbalance. Impulse of the Zero Point is a nuclear reaction of multidimensional proportions. In a single impulse the entire Universe is compressed and decompressed. Nuclear action and reaction occurs at the same moment. OMANU Body is a nuclear reactor. With each impulse it creates the Energy body and simultaneously it destroys it. The embodied Energy body into the physical body means that the physical body is Light, electric energy (electricity), sound,... This is Vril. This explains fission. Need, aspiration and greed for free energy, as well as all other aspirations, end with the installation of the Swastika inside the body. Swastika is the installation of Consciousness, Knowledge and resources. This should be the main project of energetics, ecology and protection from the madness that governs Earth.

Spirituality = Science and vice versa

When it is being said that the Body is the most powerful Technology then behind that statement stands a true scientific discovery. The Mediator Method One has brought Knowledge about the Heart, i.e. Knowledge about the Body and all the Knowledge that, due to the lack of that key organ, doesn’t exist. Without the Heart there is no Knowledge or Science. How can we speak about scientific discoveries if no one remembers where and Who is the Center of all the Knowledge. Where do all of these information come from? When we would truly deal with this question then logically the following imposes itself: is it possible without spirituality (or more precisely without the cognition who we are, where are we from and what is our purpose) to have Knowledge and Science? It’s not possible, it’s possible only to think so and, in doing so, sink deeper and deeper into problems. How ever we turn the situation, surely decay and destruction wasn’t the plan of that someone who created us.

The Heart about which we speak here is not some intuition and some feeling. It’s a concrete organ, far more than a pump, it’s the Source of the Source. Exactly that Heart, strengthen and brought to consciousness produces Consciousness (which is a concrete substance), Antigravity and all that is necessary for life and creation. Exactly that Heart produces even that first, key Information. When the Heart is being rotated then the statement “in the beginning was the word” receives its established and scientific foundation.

We were originally born with this mysterious Organ Heart which directed the entire body and even with the brain. At what moment and why did it happen that the executing organ brain takes over the control over the body and refuses obedience to the Heart and Consciousness? Precise answers to this we cannot get without surrendering to the Heart once again. The overall procedure of the so-called surrender is not some spiritual experience, yet also a scientific work which is concised in the transformation procedure, i.e. in the Method One Scientific Training Procedure. The transformation procedure itself also needs to lead to the Human Sonar System, i.e. to the possibility that the one who has entered into the procedure becomes an explorer and a scientist.

The path into Knowledge cannot be correct and without heavy consequences if it is performed in any other way except from the Heart. By dissecting, injecting, catching, capturing, endangering and destroying any form of life, the answers and solutions cannot be reached. The today’s so-called science is exactly like this and that leads us, as a civilization, into certain ruination. Long ago have the resources been spent and destroyed. This what is happening is rape and terrorism over life and nature.

With the demonstration of the Heart, the Field is being demonstrated as well, the Field is felt, the essential life substance is being felt and exactly this first and basic experience is the proof that this lacks on Earth. Also, the demonstration proves, in an entirely scientific way, that the human body needs to enter into transformation in order to be capable to produce this essential substance by itself because it’s not natural that it satisfies its basic needs by sucking life and energy from everything around it.

Without complications and further explanations, this can put religious knowledge and practices and the need for scientific facts into perfect harmony. In Method One all is unified because only in such a way can a concrete way be given to exit from all wrong interpretations, dissociations of the body and mind and, consequently, fatal action.

Method One is today what the Vedas were then

Decades of studying the Vedas, Mahabharata, Vimanika Shastra, Buddhism, searching on Tibet – all of that is compressed into a single moment in the Method One Procedure – the moment of installation of the Swastika in the Body. That’s how life begins. Studying and searching for something what cannot be found is how life is being spent. To study all of that Knowledge one lifetime is not enough, especially not this shorten one such as it’s for the last thousands of years. The proof to this is that no one to this day has understood nor began to live the Vedas nor any other knowledge and practices. Some individual would do something unusual for the rest of the civilization and that would be proclaimed a success, he would be the master, teacher, guru, followers would appear, but not students. Even if someone could study all this Knowledge, he wouldn’t be left with enough time to put it into practice, to prove them and surely not to transfer them to someone. All has been perfectly arranged in this world so that no one will come to Knowledge.

The Creator himself, Krishna, God, … (how some prefer), has send the solution in this darkest age – he embodied himself as the Mediator and brought Method One to the world – Knowledge that proves itself and practice that begins immediately.

The darkest age is today and it now lasts for thousands of years. The main characteristic, at the same time the fundamental cause of every Kali Yuga is oblivion and separation from the Creator. Ego reigns in that age, an emperor without Knowledge and without the Source, a self-proclaimed emperor who excludes the existence of the Creator, with his entire self he tries to negate and discredit him while simultaneously he lives in deathful fear from him. That’s how the long, dark era Kali Yuga comes to existence which with every moment becomes even darker and harder because there is no Source, therefore there is no Energy, there is no Knowledge and everything that has been given at the very beginning is slowly being sucked out. This Yuga will last until the Creator himself doesn’t abolish it. That little ego can think, wait and expect that he will devise the very end of the terror, but he will not. He never did because he cannot overmaster the Force.

The most mysterious questions are does God/Creator exist, who is He and where He is. For the most intelligent ones, the main question is how to recognize Him. Method One is for the ones most intelligent. The ones who stay here are the ones who aspire for true religion, True Knowledge and Science. Therefore, all of the ones who understand that they do not know and do not understand anything, the ones that are ready to capitulate before the Force, surrender themselves to the Force and allow to be introduced into the Center of all Centers, are the most intelligent minority ready for the encounter with the Mediator.

Each letter of Vedas is the direct dictate of Krishna/Heart/Creator to the one who was writing and/or spoke. It was the transfer of Knowledge that, before all, refers primarily to Krishna Himself, and then to practices and application of Knowledge. By no means different. To this day everyone is engaged with studying Knowledge, they conduct practices and written rules, but they do not hear Krishna. This leads them into deviation and into even worse karma than if they were to do nothing.

Technology was described in Vimanika Shastra that was adequate, i.e. most functional for that age, i.e. for the creation of the New age. OMMIISS, i.e. OMANU is the Technology for the today’s age, i.e. for the exit into the New age. If we were to compare the age when the Vedas were written and today, OMMIISS is today what the Vedas were then. In both cases, the voice of Krishna. The application of technology described in Vimanika Shastra is described in Mahabharata. That technology is represented as a supernatural powerful weapon, i.e. as the force of Krishna himself, as the force of the Swastika. That same force, that exact Technology is today being installed into the human body in the Method One Procedure. That force is the evidence of the human’s godlike origin. This means that the human was originally created completely enabled and identical to God/Creator. All the rest, all other forms of existence are a repercussion of lies and manipulations which had been, described in Bhagavad Gita, once destroyed by Krishna himself at the Field of Kurukshetra. Kurukshetra is each body which is not under direct navigation of Krishna himself. The universal truth had been described in Bhagavad Gita which is still valid today. OMMIISS creates an “army” that fights on Krishna’s side, according to the truth, all the rest will be destroyed anyway.

Sound – Technology of the future

The Universe produces a constant Sound. It’s the Sound of Creation. Human should be a Superconscious being because the human BODY should be the perfect conductor of the Sound of the Universe. This should be, but it’s not.

LAMA (LA - MA) – the word itself has multiple meanings: carrier and transferor of original Human Knowledge (Sound); embodiment of the Universe; guardian of Knowledge on planet Earth; regularity surrounded with irregularity, …

Everyone who think that they know something and who with their “knowledge” indoctrinate the civilization and in doing so destroy this planet, we send a call not to ignore the presence of the Black Lama on Earth. The first thing one needs to know is to know to listen. The second thing is to accept that you don’t know anything and to allow the Knowledge to Know.
The irregularity and the only cause of pollution on Earth is the human body and the human mind – exactly as it is for the last several thousand years – non-flowable and consequently in total ignorance, without any power and meaning. The planet does not get polluted on its own, the total amount of people is not the issue as well, the problem is the way of action, separation and unconsciousness of actions. Not everyone is going to be able to hear this, but all of you who are able, come to the Lama so he can correct you with Sound. The planet can only be cured through the human or with a cataclysm which will destroy the human. Don’t wait for the cataclysm to occur. Come for the Force, Knowledge and the Capability of resolution and the correct reaction. This is the only way to get out of the necessity that follows. There is no more time. In the midst of wholehearted exploitation of all disposable energy resources and total technological subordination of entire life on Earth, there is nothing to lose if you decide just for a moment to feel what means the presence of the Lama. Maybe this will allow you to exit from the madness, egoism and you will realize that He didn’t occur on planet Earth to carry the title of the Lama, but that as a Lama he had sacrificed his Body to open the Heart to the human and stop this horrible illusion which leads life into destruction. Lama didn’t bring some new religion, he isn’t in search for followers and approvers – he is in search for the Heart which will with Knowledge, Force and Technology make the breakthrough into the real dimension of existence. So, Lama didn’t bring a prayer for some above assumed Creator, yet he brought Science and Technology of Creation itself. Technological achievements must not be based on exploitation, a human should not base his/her life on energy exploitation – human’s true nature is to produce Energy, Plasma, Field with its sole existence and to develop Technology in accordance with its existence. Also, this New technology allows the exit into the Universe and exploring the infinite possibilities of the Universe, but no one who lives as a predator and experiences the Universe as a great pump area to satisfy their needs will pass. This what the human lives today is not a humanoid state.
Scientists, technologists, biologists, geneticists, politicians, …, all, stop hypnotizing yourselves with the idea that you will find the solution and that things will going to get better. Nothing will get better without the Tehnological Field of the Heart and without accepting and respecting this authority. Not for you. The planet will be saved by Consciousness, but this human will not be.

Runic Gym | Black Day Propaganda | To the Trilateral Commission

Architecture through the center of worlds is the new development, new way of superconnectivity and the total branch of design. The progress of Propaganda is the very fact and mission which is himself alone and that’s Work.
The Trilateral Commission is falling behind. The top of your knowledge is upside down – deviant.

The mission of Propaganda is being completely neglected and all the mission which is working through the media is against construction and the constructive which leads to overbalance to the semi-information platform of all the media and therefore the lightheadedness of the people about their tasks and obligations in general.

The Law of politics and its purpose is Propaganda, but in such way of general social development and prosperity, i.e. shift.

Runic Gym is the first space, conscious, legal and legislative, dimensional and outer-dimensional creatorship with the goal of penetrating the body that also represents the body language because the body speaks and that body is the Body of Propaganda and a demonstrational display of ability what is the body and what kind of body (person) is necessary to lead the country/nation/union/world.

Establishment of the Law of Fields (vs. the border wall) | To Mr. Donald Trump

Construction of the border wall is void and doesn’t solve, yet it amplifies the border and social state in the USA and thus the status of a president tyrant who not only separates and sets apart himself from other presidents, but places the rest into minor figures with work which is unimaginative and opens the possibility for a potential continental war.  And the general disagreement with the UN and the EU, though understandable, with such approach to resolving the situation could lead to reverse reactions and in a concrete way such as the refusal by all members of the EU to issue visas to US citizens. All that is left is the far Eastern Europe (Euro-Asia) and the Middle East – where you had sowed, you will be.

Freedom of movement is a right. Disturbing the lives of the inhabitants is punishable.
Bodies are made to impose „their own“ in any situation and any country in the world. Either as newcomers, immigrants or officials.

The only solution is at the same time the correct and non-destructive and/or intrusive one is the Metamilitary Shield – establishment of the Law of Fields.
Elaboration of the Vril Propulsion System is embedded into the member and into what/where he belongs. It is a barrier which is not brough into the concept of warfare. A member of something, instituion or country, independent on his/hers status is an official of what and where he/she belongs. He/she is an official person representing and defending himslef/herself and that country/institution in the world, even (especially!) if it's a tourist vacation.

The citizen of a country is a citizen of the world as well and he/she represents, i.e. defends that country and this world in any country in he world – Law of the unifrom.

The end of Time

Resources are running low. Black gold (oil) is maintaining the entire construction on planet Earth. The monetary system is maintainable while there is enough oil (fossil) resources. Production does not stop – Earth is still working. There is a shift in Time. Without oil there isn't anything to cover the vast production of money. For ages, gold is in the reserve of the reserve of banking family leaders. Downfall of such proportion, nullification of the source of power and the main maintainable resource of the monetary pyramid is the absolute downfall of the civilization (economy, industry, technology, …). The lifetime of this Principle, i.e. insinuation is to the very End. Principle is Principle. Principle arises from the Law and this is about the Source of Absolute Energy and Total Technology. The Law is of the Universe and it's the end of Time. Law! New Epoch – Old Testament. It's the return of the Origin. The Origin of what? Of all.


Governments, statesmen, officials are falling and will continue to fall. The cause of all is the reason of tricks and cheats and direct influence of demolishinig the system and causing ruthless and brutal, but primarily unnecessary and globally ineffective coup d'etat. There was Yugoslavia. There was and still is the Middle East. Now it's South America.

I call upon the congress and the parlament. USA and the UK together with the heads of these institutions. Regardless if you're presidents or royal families, your true face is instantaneous downfall. Brexit has yet to begin. You will face impacts from three fronts – Scotland, Northern Ireland and the EU.

History repeats itself. The Law of Time strikes from the Point of Origin. What ceases to exist – ceases to exist. Deleted Information -> oil (resource – survival – development) – UK.

This Era, the beginning of this had begun with the Templar Order – Jacques de Molay.

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